Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mothers Day

Mothers day was really nice. We had all of the Family come over to our house for a barbecue, Hamburgers and Hot Dogs. Mom got a dozen roses from dad. The grand kids + Todd played Frisbee in the back yard. Grandpa and Grandma were really worn out by the end of the Day. It was a loud and wonder full day.

Bruce has found a couple of jobs that he likes, working at homes to help children with mental or social problems. He has been accepted at the University of Utah College of Social work, they only except thirty five new students each year.

We worked most of the day yesterday getting the gardens in place. Bruce and Tara are planting a lot of vegetables, Tomatoes, Corn, Cucumbers, Zucnni, Pole Beans and Crook Neck Squash. I worked Planting the Flower Garden. It seems sad to be planting things that we will not see produce this year. The back yard looks good so far.

It looks like summer or something like it is on the way. It is suppose to be in the high eighty degrees by the weekend. We have got the sprinklers in place ready for the heat.

Sunday, May 4, 2008


Well the day has come. We went down to Snow College to be at Bruce and Tara's gradation. Bruce received his Associate of Science degree in Social Work and Tara two degrees in child care management a Applied Associate of Science and Associate of Science Degree. Bruce has been accepted in the College if Social Work at the University of Utah. They will be in our house while we go on our mission.

We have all of our papers done and just need to have the Stake President send them in. We are executed to go. Bishop Summers has come down with phenomena and so will not be able to interview us until Tuesday.

Mom is all excited about the Jazz going to the second round of the playoffs. She is not too excited about them playing the Lakers. The Lakers seem to have been able to handle the Jazz this year with ease.

Todd went on his first date since he became single. Marty set him up with a girl from his work. The girl is thirty five, almost ten years younger than him. It is good to see him moving on with his life. He has had a hard time adjusting to being single. He seems to be getting lots of free food from people who love him.

Bruce called and wanted to know if they could bring a Puppy when they come to stay at our house. Tara had a teacher at school that had a dog that she could not keep. When they brought the "puppy" It was a full grown German Shepherd Dog. It was suppose to have been to obedience school, but it must of flunked out because it love to jump up on people especially on mom. We have made it very clear that any dog at our house will be an outdoors dog, especially a big dog.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

long time no write

We have been busy lately. We went to Snow College so Bruce and Tara could talk about us as a assignment for their Communications Class. That was on April 22. The presentation was well done. It was interesting to be in their class with all of the young people. We went to a Mexican Restaurant with them. We also drove the motor home to Fairview as it was a nice day. The weather has been really unpredictable lately. It storms one day and then a few days are like summer and it storms again. Yesterday it was 80 degrees so we woke up this morning to snow about one inch on the lawn. Snow on the First of May! It is suppose to be up in the high 70 again this week end.

We had a temple session on 24th with Melody and Marty. It was our Stake was our Stake Temple Day. We then had a dinner for our Stake at the Temple. It was special for the Marty and Melody to be in the Temple with us. I was able to have Melody in my initiatory. She looked so cute and it was a joy to be with her. We then went to a wedding reception for Allison's brother. It was a really nice.

Melody had a special gift for me last week. She came to our house and gave me my missing wedding ring. She found it in her bedroom when she was cleaning up. It had been missing for almost nine months when I was in my bedroom and misplaced it. How it got to be in Melody's bedroom in the real Question.

Allision has her surgery and is now home. She feel fine and will soon be able to do all she did before the procedure. She still feels bad about not having a belly button but will live with it.

Todd is excited because he has a date. Marty has set up him up with one of his friends from work. It is good to see Todd starting to get on with his life.

Bruce and Tara will graduate from Snow College this Saturday then up to our house. We are hoping that they will be able to stay in our home and take care of it while we are on our Mission. We are still waiting for our interviews so we can get our Call.