Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday and Jazz

Today is Sunday, the end of February already and so I need to get the Home Teaching Reports completed. I think is is a conspiracy for this month to be so short, there is just not enough time to get everything done, or is it that I don't have enough time to put things off as as long as I normally do.

Marlene is excited and depressed. The Jazz traded their best, and her favorite player Daren Williams. She really feels bad about that, but they received two new and really good players. So She is excited to see how they new guys do on the team. The Jazz have been constantly loosing lately and it is hard for her to see "Her guys go down" . She really is into this Jazz thing which is OK with me because I don't have to worry about being able to watch the games. When We went to Las Vegas for a couple of days. Her biggest worry was that we would miss "two whole games". I have to set up the DVR to record all of the games when We are away from home. She is happy as long as the TV works on game day.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Books of Mormon

I was working at D I on assignment for our D. I. drive Week, pricing and sorting books when one of the employees brought me two books to ask me if I could understand the language they were written in. I recognized the Script as the same as a book on display in the Beehive House the "Deseret Alphabet" I explained to them that they were most likely very rare books.
Front of Book #1

They put them the the Collectible section and priced them at $ 200 each. The person in charge of that area said to me that that was a terrible price and no one in their right mind would pay that much for old books.
Title page of Book #1

Book #2

Upon going home I did some Research on the books and found that the Deseret University had published several different books in the Deseret Alphabet in 1869. The Two books at D. I. were "Selections from the Book of Mormon" one of the more rare of the publications.

The price of these Books on some rare book sites on the Internet was about $2000.00.
I called Benchmark Books, Kurt Bench's rare book store. They said that the books would most likely would not be less than $ 350.00 each. The books are in excellent condition, tomake the story short our Family is now the proud owners of two rare books. I think that I will keep them.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I had a really good Christmas, Birthday and soon to come Valentine day. I love to read and now I am now set up for the next couple of months with new books from some of my favorite Authors. The book by Tom Clancy is his first for more that seven years. The two books by Orson Scott Card look to be really good. He is really good with stories about boys learning to handle new situations, both new books of his are on that theme. I have read almost all of John Grishams books so a new one is going to be fun. I have found Brandon Sanderson to be a good read. He is teaching at BYU. I have always wanted to know more about Henry Clay and I like the Mitt Ronmey guy.

I forgot to put in the picture some of the other books that I received. Thanks Roy for "Eilfheim" I loved it. I am currently reading "Escape from the land of Snows" the story of the Dalai Lama's flight to freedom from the communist Chinese in Tibet and a book about the history of the Roman Emperors. I also have a book on the conflict about the nature of Christ in the early Church that lead to the Nicean Creed and a book written by some of the Church historians about the Mountain Meadow Massacre.

I have finished reading the books on the right. I enjoyed all of them.

Mom and I have a really neat system. I pick the books and She gives them to me for the next gifting event. It works really good.