Sunday, January 30, 2011

pictures, pictures

We have Many, Many pictures that we brought to St George, which we love, but had not found places to display all of them. Marlene and I, after discussion, decided to put them "all" up on walls. They may be a little crowded but we love them all. Saturday was spent in finding places for all of them and then installing them.

The East wall of Dad's office.

The picture of the "Bowl Cut kids" blowing bubbles is one of our favorites. Sorry but the flash came back from the photo of Caleb and Amanda kissing. The photo of Clay's children welcoming Amanda to their family is so cool. Todd, Shelly and Shay is so wonderful

South Wall of Dad's Office

The group picture in the center taken many years ago of the grand kids is one of our fondest remembrances.

Mom's Pictures centered over the North wall of the TV room.

Centered in the Gilt frame is a Document where Melody expresses her feelings for Mom. It has always very special for Marlene. The Picture on the upper right side was taken for her Wedding Announcement in the Deseret News. I love the Picture of my wonderful wife with our first three kids. Cloth diapers were the only choice at that time. Every time Mom sees this picture she talks about how loose Clay's diaper was.

South Wall of the TV Room

Nauvoo Temple one of the Highlights of our Life. The Picture of the Sail Boat Melody painted while in High School.

North Wall of Dad's Office

Left column, Bishop's Certificate, Citation Of Commendation from the Structures Division of the Utah Department of Transportation. Wood Badge completion Certificate.

Center Column, Release for Mom and Dad from the Temple Square Mission. Releases for Mom and Dad from the Nauvoo Temple Mission.

Right side, Silver Beaver Award, Scouting District Award of Merit, Silver Moccasin staff.

Marlene has been called to be the Music Chairman in the Ward. She will still serve as the Ward Organist. She will do a great job. We have not had a Choir in the Ward for years so that will be a challenge for her.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

dads birthday

For My seventy second Birthday, Marlene and I took a short trip to Las Vegas. Vegas is a short two hour drive from our home in St George and the last time We went there was a day trip and we were completely worn out from walking around the strip way too much. This time We booked a room at the Excalibur Hotel, relaxed and took our time, which not so much walking. Tuesday was really warm and Mom wanted to do some swimming so I sat in one of the Hot Tubs while She splashed around in the pool.

There is a Tram that goes between the Excalibur, Luxor and the Mandalay Bay Hotels, so most of our time was spent in that area so we would not have to walk around too much. I think that when a person gets in the seventies that we slow down quite a bit.

Mom found a Timeshare presentation to go to on Wednesday, Free stuff. I have stopped resisting her impulses to go to that kind of thing. We earned, sat through more that three hours of high pressure selling, two tickets to the Lion King show that evening. The show was wonderful, Musicals are our favorite thing.

Wednesday we went to the dinner show at the Excalibur, King Arther's Court. It was really fun eating Cornish Hen, Veggies, and Potatoes with our fingers while we watched Jousting and such. The Good guys won, the Prince became King and all was right with the world. Much better than most of the shows in Vegas. It was a great trip and birthday.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Christmas in Utah was great. The drive from our home in St George to Salt Lake was just as one of the many snow storms was starting. It was very spooky driving from Beaver to Nephi in the storm. We stayed at the old house where Bruce and Tara were great for accepting us as guests.

Monday most all of the family came by and we had a great time making candy. We have a tradition of Caroling and giving home made candy to our friends.

We went to spend time with our son Clay and his wife Allision. We had dinner with them and enjoyed their company. Cody, Clay's son has a athletic scholarship to attend Lewis and Clark a small College in northern Idaho. He will be on the cross country team. Amanda was her vibrant self and Calab and Aaron was excited to see Grandma and Grandpa.

Marlene wanted to go to Temple Square. Melody and her children went with us. A new display has been added in the "Temple view area" of the South Visitor Center, a mock up of the Temple with a cut away so all of the interior can be seen. Several tough screen displays showing videos of the rooms inside of the building have also been added. One of the most often questions that we were asked while We were on our Mission was "what is inside of the Temple". What a great way to help others understand that there is nothing secret about the inside, but it is a place of God.

Friday, Christmas eve every one gathered at our old home to go out Caroling and to give gifts of candy. Tara, Bruce's wife had organized and prepared a special dinner for everyone. The evening ended by having the Nativity presented. Melody was the Angel as She has always been. Mathew, Bruce and Tara's Son was the Christ Child, but we needed to substitute a doll as he would not stay in the manger. He is almost one year old and is very active. We then exchanged gifts.

We opened all of our gifts on Christmas eve but we still had our stockings for Christmas morning. Spending time with Marty and Melody's family on Christmas morning was wonderful but as I was totally exhausted, feeling sick, having commitments for Sunday in St George. We drove home in the afternoon.

Roy and Angel came by our home on Monday on the way to Salt Lake City. They spent several days with us. Tuesday, while Mom and Angel went post Christmas shopping. I went with Roy and the kids to visit the "Jacob Hamlin Home" The Guide was great. The site is by the river so we were able to see the damage and effects of the flood that took place during the time We were in Salt Lake for Christmas.

It was great to be with all of the family but being home with no snow in our quiet home is wonderful.