Monday, April 19, 2010

our new home in St George

This is our new home in St George

pictures left to right
master bedroom,
master bathroom,
view from great room to laundry room

Master bed room with mom cleaning the blinds

Great room, Great room from back door, Master bath

great room showing dining room table without leaf and two other chairs

Walk in closet,
two views of outside of home

TV room,
upstairs bathroom

dinning room set in great room, TV room

Saturday, April 17, 2010

St George

We are here in St George. We arrived Monday for the closing and after signing all of the papers, we were told that We would have to wait for our cashiers check to clear the bank before we could move in. We checked in to a Motel and started to get all of the things done that we needed to do.

First of all We needed to apply to the county for assignment of the home here as a principle residence, a large property tax break. We had to get our drivers licence address changed to our St George address.

When we tried to get Dads licence changed we found out that his licence has been revoked. He is required to have a doctor sign a form showing that He has not had a seizure, which we did not get while we were on our Mission. We also did not get the notification of revocation, so when we return to Sandy for Bruces Graduation we will have to have our family doctor fill out the proper form.

We then signed up for all of the utilities. We got a key for our mail box and key and for the Club house. We met our new Bishop. He lives just across the street. He looks like he is 25 or 26 years of age. He and his wife have two small children. It looks like We will be the old folks in the area as our "Senior Community" is mostly made up of young families.

We went and bought new appliances and furniture for the home. The new glass top range, Dish washer and over the range Micro range oven were part of the house, but we needed to get new a new washer, dryer and refrigerator. We then bought new furniture as as shown below. The appliances are black, they looks real good. We also bought a new 40 inch LCD TV and two bar stools. We now have seating for eight if you include the table for six and the two bar stools.

We are now in the process of installing the blinds and drapes. The blinds came with the house but had been taken down when the painted the house.

The house looks real good, even better than we expected.