Monday, March 22, 2010

Moving to St George

We have made one of the really big steps of our lives. We are moving away from our home in Sandy, Utah to a new home in St George, Utah. We have lived in our present home for forty three years and have most of our family in the Salt Lake area. We just can not stand the cold of winter. I have had Pneumonia for two of the last three years and as we get older the cold "hurts".

St George is a "Retirement community" because of the warmer weather. We were able to obtain a really nice home almost new home for a extremely low price because of the poor market for homes. The home was built in 2005 and has new paint throughout, new carpets, and new appliances.

We are had our Big Birthday Party list night for family members who birthdays come in the spring. Our family is now big enough that it makes sense to have these kind of events. The noise level was at it highest but it was warm enough that we could have some of younger grand kids play out side. Bruce and Tara came with our newest grand child Matthew. It is so wonderful to have our family continue to grow. Shelly, Todd's wife is going to have a little girl in about three and one half months. The Glads continue to grow.

Cody, one of our grand kids competed in a invitational track meet this last week. He is really good in the distance events. He won the 3000 meter and 1500 meter events, there were ten High Schools competing

Life is good, We continue to get older but also better.

Moving to

Sunday, March 14, 2010

new home in St George

We bought a new home in St George, Utah and we will be moving there in April. The cold weather had really become a issue now that we are getting older. Some times it just seems like I never get warm, so it will be good to live some where it is much warmer. Bruce and Tara will be renting our home in Sandy with a option to buy it when he finishes his degree and gets a good job. It is sad to be moving away from our home where we have lived for the last 40+ years. We have many good friends here that we will miss but I am sure that we will make new friends.

It has been cold the last few days with lots and lots of snow, Yuck. I have so much to do here before we move and it is hard to do anything when it is yucky and cold.

We are doing lots of work for our family in the temple. We have been going once a week and we are still behind.

We had a opportunity to watch Mathew Saturday while Bruce and Tara went out on a date. He is such a special child and is now very alert and laughs and reaches for things he sees, being in a forever family is such a great privilege.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

grand kids, kids, ect

We are taking care of Melody and Marty's children as they are on vacation. We didn't realize that life was so busy when we were parents back in the 60s. Getting every one off to school, bed on time, Court of Honor, Cub Scouts, sick kids. ect. Life as Grandparents is much easier.

We have been having good success finding our family on the "New Family Search Program". We are going to the Temple every Tuesday to help them out. We are waiting for a call to work in the Draper Temple as the paper work has been submitted. Marlene is enjoying with the nursery in primary. I am teaching in the High Priests.

Matthew, Bruce and Tara's new son is now off of the mounter and is doing very well. He is so cute and does have a touch of red in his hair. Bruce is very busy going to school and working to make ends meet. I think he will be a good dad. He has to spend a lot of this summer in his "pracatourmin ?" where he will be working at some agency to practice Social Work to complete his degree. He will walk in the Spring for the diploma but it will not be official until He does the summer experience.

We are hoping that some warm weather will come soon so I can work in the yard as I have really bad Cabin Fever.