Sunday, November 23, 2008

turkey day comming

Thanksgiving is on the way.  Things on the Square are starting to pick up as we are preparing for the Christmas Season.  The musical "Savior of the World" is in full swing.  It is showing in the Little Theater in the Conference Center, part of our job for Wednesday night is to go after the production and escort the Sister Missionaries home.  The Sisters have the assignment of welcoming the guests and saying the opening prayer.  They are to be in the forefront as much as possible, so people with questions will be able to approach them.  The mission also has a program of setting aside 30 tickets for each performance for inactive or nonmembers.  A letter was sent to all of the Stake Presidents in the valley, with the information that if they need tickets for missionary purposes to call the Mission.  We have been working at the call center to reserve the tickets for any that respond to the letter.

The Choir had a really good Thanksgiving program the morning, one of the really wonderful events we have been able to attend.  We went to a program in the Tabernacle Friday night called the Bells of Christmas Square. Mom really loved it.  It just sounded to me just like a lot of people ringing bells with no lyrics.  I guess I don't have a appreciation of for the fine arts, or maybe I am harder to please.  

We went on a Tour of the Salt Lake Cemetery Tuesday.  It was really fun.  We visited the graves of all of the Prophets except for Joseph Smith, buried in Nauvoo, Brigham Young, buried in the Brigham Young Park, and Ezra Taft Benson, buried in his home  in Idaho.  The Sisters were assigned to give a short talk about the life of each Prophet.  The best part of the tour was an opportunity to have reminiscence with President Stuart about the old times. He was Student Body President of South High School when I was there.  He was my brother Doug's Counsellor in the bishopric.  He was Bishop of the old South Gate Ward while my Grandmother Glad was still alive.  My Mom and Dad both came from that ward.  

Second event from My life. 
I was eight years old when one day I came home from School to find my Mother in the front room talking with some of the other women from the Neighborhood.  They were discussing the poor behavior of many of the children.  I was in the back room so I thought they did not know that I was eavesdropping, when my Mom said "my Dwayne is a good boy.  He would not do any of those things."  It was one of that moments that sets the course of your life.  I knew that I was a good boy and I could not do bad things.  My Mom died when I was ten years old and I always felt that she was watching over me an her "good boy".

Sunday, November 16, 2008

christmas Nativity

The Nativity settings have been put out on the Square in preparation for the turning on of the lights on the 28th of December.   The traditional one on the south side of the North Visitor Center and several others around the area South of the Church Office Building.  The one I have been most impressed with is in the Reflecting Pond just east of the Temple.  

The setting of being in the pond with the reflection of the Temple in the water makes it very special.  Mom and I walk by it every day on our way to serve on the Square. 

We had a very interesting experience on the Square last week.  Some nut sent a letter with a white powder in it addressed to the Salt Lake Temple.  The mail room for the Temple is in the Annex just North of the Temple.  The Temple was closed, all of the Tunnels were closed.  North Temple Street was closed.  Six Fire Engines and the Hazard Material People were sent to the area.  It was a real mess !!  The returned address was from California.  The press says that no one knows who or what group is responsible, "Duh".  Our friends from the gay community had another demonstration here Saturday night at the City and County and State Capital Buildings, at least they were not here on the Square. 

I am going to share some of the wonderful things that have happened in my life in the Blog, one each week.  

Mom and I were serving as the Assistant Baptistery Coordinators in the Nauvoo Temple on Wednesdays.  The Baptistery is normally very busy with all of the Young Performing Missionaries, Youth Conferences and Families from out of town coming to do Baptisms.  One morning there was no one in the Baptistery, very unusual, when the Coordinator cane down to tell us that there was a deaf woman come to the Temple to do Baptisms for some of her family.  She had not been to the Temple for many years.  She did not have any priesthood do the ordinance, so I went and put my white clothing  on to to baptise her.  

We were alone, just the Baptistery Coordinator , the witnesses, Mom, and the Temple Coordinator. When I started to do the Ordnance an over powering spirit filled the room.  I  looked up at the Witnesses and they were both weeping.  The Coordinator was weeping.  The Sister that was being baptised was weeping.  Then I understood what was going on.  The dear sister was understanding every word I was saying as I performed the Baptisms.  It was a time when the Lord reached out his hand to bless all of that were there with a demonstration of his love for us, that the Temple is really his Holy House.   


Monday, November 10, 2008

Birthdays and Butheads

We went to work in the Beehive House Sunday night.  The Christmas Tree was up and Decorated, really cozy.  I think this may be just a little early, but it was really warm and nice.  

It was Sister Glad's birthday Friday, we were busy, so we celebrated on Saturday night.  It was really great.  We went to the Garden room on the 10th floor of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building for a nice dinner.   There was a nice concert in the Assembly Hall, the USU Chamber Singers and Chorale, they were really good, just the kind of thing that Mom likes.  

Friday night was really interesting, we were assigned to work in the South gate, when Security arrived to tell us that a demonstration was assembling to show support for the Gay People and against Prop. #8.   What do we in Utah have to do with with Prop. #8?  It seems that our former Mayor Rocky Anderson and Friends thought that this would be a great opportunity to attack the Mormon Church again.  They arrived with all of their signs, horns and what ever they could find.  The March was around the square on the Street, then they got on the sidewalk and walked around the square shouting and trying to make as much problems as possible.  The Newspaper said that it was a nonviolent demonstration.  

The security closed all of the Gates on the Square and then we sent all of the Sister Missionaries home though the Tunnels.  They all got home ok.  Security closed the Square at 7:00 pm so Sister Glad were able to get home safely.  

There some elderly folks that were coming to the Square to attend a concert and were caught between the closed gate and the demonstrators lots of fear and tears were shed.  Some people who were on the Square we afraid to go home and many of them were in tears.  Some nonviolent demonstration.

Some sick people just will never accept the will of the People or God in our country.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Park City and Crazy times

Last Night was Halloween, most of the Sisters are from countries all over the and have no idea about American holidays or traditions.  We closed up all of the buildings on the Square at 5:00 pm and they went to a local Stake Center to Party.

We all ate Pizza, "Dirt and Worms" and drank Apple Cider.  We then had Costume Parade, just like in Elementary School.  The Sisters then went "trick of treating" to some of the class rooms.  
We went as Elder Glad Bag and Sister Glad Wrap, simple but effective.  We then stayed up late to clean up the mess that all of the Hyper sisters left.  It was a great time had by all.  
Some comments from the Sisters.  What does Trick part mean?  I don't want to eat worms! 
what is it that we are celebrating?  Why do we cut up Pumpkins?  ect. 

We are serving at the "Family Tree" in Park City, a visitor center to attract the attention of all of the people who come there to vacation.  We are to help them to find some of their family history and introduce them to the Church.  We go Park City on Tuesdays.  

We have access to several Commercial Data Bases, such as Ancestor dot com.  I, Dad have found some interesting things on the other sites.  Such as Niels Peter Andersons' Passport application.  Showing the Ship he was on while sailing to America.  The ship was in a collision with another ship while returning to the old country and sank.  I am also finding a lot of information on the "Parents line".
Every week is a new adventure.