Friday, April 27, 2012

Red Cliff Rec Area

The Red Cliff Area is about 12 miles from our house.  We went there today to have a hike.  Many of the people from around here go there to cool off as there are several deep pools to swim in and small water falls. 

pool and waterfall 

Mom at the bottom below the falls
Start of the slot canyon

There is a slot canyon that continues above swim pools, but it is necessary  to wade in the stream so I didn't explore any further.  
The rangers have cut stairs in the cliff to allow people to climb up above the falls.  Mom was too frightened to try the stairs so she missed the best part.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunrise in St George

There is something about the clear desert air that makes the early morning and night extra special here in St George.

I was driving to a meeting at 7:15 AM this morning when I noticed that there was kind of a pink light around, upon looking in my rear view mirror I saw this.

I stopped the car, in the middle of the street, and took some time to enjoy some of natures blessings. I have marveled, how our Father in Heaven loved us so much that when He created this earth he made it so special. He loved us so much that he gave us the gift of the
beauty of this earth, yet we become so busy that we often fail to stop and take the time to enjoy it.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Air Show and Dust Storm

The Air Show in St George

There was a Air Show here in St George at the new Airport. It was great, The estimate was that there was more than 30,000 people in attendance. Every one brought their lawn chairs and sat on the asphalt on the side of the runway to view the show.

Where were several Osprey, a vertical take off and land, aircraft. It could take off like a helicopter, hover and then rotate the propellers forward and fly like a normal plane.

There were a couple of stunt fliers, that did loop the loops, stalls and all kinds of cool stuff.

Then the highlight of the Show, the Blue Angels, six jet airplanes that fly really close formation. Two of them came across the runway from different directions. I thought they were going to crash into each other.

They had some F22 to demonstrate their flying ability. The F22 is the newest stealth jet airplane. They can go super fast. The jet could fly straight up in the air like a rocket, turn on a dime and then almost stop and hover.

When the show was over a big wind came in the area. The cars were all parked in a super large dirt parking lot that had been built for the event, the new airport is well outside of St George with desert all around so they had graded a huge area for parking cars. The wind came up just as the show was over. It picked up all of the loose sand and dirt, a real sand storm, just like in the movies. It was hard to see anything. It was a mess, everyone was trying to find their cars and then drive out of the parking lot in the sand storm. Some of our friends were in the parking lot for up to two hours. The Show was great but the exit was terrible.

Monday, February 27, 2012

our picks


Mom and I have started a new hobby inspired by the Program on the History Channel. We go out to Garage Sales ect. and try to find some thing old that may be of value. We have done pretty good

We found this Water Color Painting it was really pretty. We found that it was painted by a artist that lived in Panama and made prints of his paintings for sale. The one we have that is signed sells for about $ 75.00 not two bad as I bought is for & 2.50.

We found a matching set of five Soup Cups, very large cups designed to be used as bowls. They were priced at $ 1.00 each . We need some more bowls, so we thought that that was not too bad, so we bought them. When we got home I noticed that they has a hallmark on the side of them and they looked like they were hand painted. I looked on the bottom of the cups and found the brand "Enecso Country Living Dry Goods" I looked the brand on the Internet and found that this is the same company that makes the "Precious Moments" figurines. Upon looking further I found a very small pitcher and cup with the same pattern as on the soup cups we bought. It was selling for $ 30.00. I guess we will not be using them for eating!!!.

We found a brass or bronze Candelabra, two feet tall, to hold four candles. It is very old and casting is super intricate. I bought is as a joke to put on Moms Piano so she could pretend to be like "Liberace". The guy that had a TV program in the sixties playing the piano. It was real heavy and I thought it was real cool. I paid $ 35.00 for it a lot of money for something from a junk store. I got home and looked for some thing like it on the Internet and found that any thing like this was selling any where from $1,500 to $ 4,000, all in all not a bad day picking.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Mesquite Balloon Fest

Saturday there was a Balloon Fest at Mesquite Nevada. Marlene thought it would be neat to see. So we drove down with Jon and Nichole Alexander to enjoy. The balloons were all spread
out on the golf course driving range ready to be inflated when we arrived. The wind aloft was too much and going in the wrong direction, so they could not fly but they inflated all of them so we could enjoy the color and excitement.

Inside of a inflated Balloon

We were able to walk around and watch the process and talk to the crews. The process of inflating a balloon started with a Large fan that was used to blow air into the bottom of the bag that was on the ground. When the bag was almost vertical a Propane blower was used to inject hot air into the balloon.

Propane burner

The burner was lit when the balloon needed to gain altitude and a vent in the top of bag was open to allow air to escape to descend.

The balloons were very colorful. It was a great experience to see them all blown up.

It was a great time for all.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Porter Rockwell and fun

Marty had a seminar he had to attend at the Hospital here in St George. Melody spent the day with us as he was involved with that program. We went to see the Petrogriphs again and discovered some Real neat ones that we had not found before.

Some of them were really large. with lots of different figures. We were joking that one looked like a man in a space ship or possibly a bird in a cage.

There was a really cool monster or an creature from outer space

This week it has been one hundred and fifty years since St George was founded so there are lots of things going on. We went to the old opera house for a one man show about Porter Rockwell and then after that a choir singing songs from Gilbert and Sullivan shows. When the Opera house was first built in the 1870's their productions were very popular and were performed there

We are going to the Tabernacle for a one man show about Brigham Young and then the Southern Utah Heritage Choir, the local like Tabernacle Choir, will be performing. The events will continue until Tuesday when it will end with a big fire works show.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Our Christmas this year was spent in Marty and Melody's home in Sandy. The Thursday before Christmas we drove from St George to Sandy, that evening was spent with Bruce and Tara. Mattie is growing up so fast. We were able to visit Todd, Shelly and Shay and Clay and Allison's family.

Christmas eve was spent in our traditional way. Sherry Thomas had been ill and was in a rehab home so we all went there to sing Christmas songs for her. We have been going to the Thomas's home for more than thirty years caroling. It was really a quite pleasant night to go our and sing our hearts out and give plates of home made goodies for our friends.

We then went to the Greenlief home for hot waisel, soup and some turkey that Marty cooked.
Cody was home from school in Idaho for the Holidays. It was really good to see him, Stuart was away from the family for the first time as he is in the Mission Field. Melody knitted a cap for Cody with a beard attached, that was really cool.

We then all spent some time doing the Nativity and then talked about gifts and what our Savior birth means to us. There was lots of Shepherds and Wise Men, Amamda was Mary. Melody did her yearly part as the Chief Angel.

Gift giving and getting was really fun as lots of great gifts were exchanged. I got lots of Snicker candy bars and a gift certificate for twenty five dollars for kindle e-books , lots of e-books can be obtained for that amount of money.

We got up early on Christmas morning to see the Greenlief family open their gifts from Santa, they we drove home to be on time for Sacrament meeting. Marlene was in charge of the Choir Christmas Program. Brother Nureen who was to be the narrator was sick so I did that part on the program.

It was a very busy busy Christmas time for us and we were happy to have Monday to come around to rest.

Christmas is still the best time of the year.