Sunday, March 18, 2012

Air Show and Dust Storm

The Air Show in St George

There was a Air Show here in St George at the new Airport. It was great, The estimate was that there was more than 30,000 people in attendance. Every one brought their lawn chairs and sat on the asphalt on the side of the runway to view the show.

Where were several Osprey, a vertical take off and land, aircraft. It could take off like a helicopter, hover and then rotate the propellers forward and fly like a normal plane.

There were a couple of stunt fliers, that did loop the loops, stalls and all kinds of cool stuff.

Then the highlight of the Show, the Blue Angels, six jet airplanes that fly really close formation. Two of them came across the runway from different directions. I thought they were going to crash into each other.

They had some F22 to demonstrate their flying ability. The F22 is the newest stealth jet airplane. They can go super fast. The jet could fly straight up in the air like a rocket, turn on a dime and then almost stop and hover.

When the show was over a big wind came in the area. The cars were all parked in a super large dirt parking lot that had been built for the event, the new airport is well outside of St George with desert all around so they had graded a huge area for parking cars. The wind came up just as the show was over. It picked up all of the loose sand and dirt, a real sand storm, just like in the movies. It was hard to see anything. It was a mess, everyone was trying to find their cars and then drive out of the parking lot in the sand storm. Some of our friends were in the parking lot for up to two hours. The Show was great but the exit was terrible.

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