Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Our Christmas this year was spent in Marty and Melody's home in Sandy. The Thursday before Christmas we drove from St George to Sandy, that evening was spent with Bruce and Tara. Mattie is growing up so fast. We were able to visit Todd, Shelly and Shay and Clay and Allison's family.

Christmas eve was spent in our traditional way. Sherry Thomas had been ill and was in a rehab home so we all went there to sing Christmas songs for her. We have been going to the Thomas's home for more than thirty years caroling. It was really a quite pleasant night to go our and sing our hearts out and give plates of home made goodies for our friends.

We then went to the Greenlief home for hot waisel, soup and some turkey that Marty cooked.
Cody was home from school in Idaho for the Holidays. It was really good to see him, Stuart was away from the family for the first time as he is in the Mission Field. Melody knitted a cap for Cody with a beard attached, that was really cool.

We then all spent some time doing the Nativity and then talked about gifts and what our Savior birth means to us. There was lots of Shepherds and Wise Men, Amamda was Mary. Melody did her yearly part as the Chief Angel.

Gift giving and getting was really fun as lots of great gifts were exchanged. I got lots of Snicker candy bars and a gift certificate for twenty five dollars for kindle e-books , lots of e-books can be obtained for that amount of money.

We got up early on Christmas morning to see the Greenlief family open their gifts from Santa, they we drove home to be on time for Sacrament meeting. Marlene was in charge of the Choir Christmas Program. Brother Nureen who was to be the narrator was sick so I did that part on the program.

It was a very busy busy Christmas time for us and we were happy to have Monday to come around to rest.

Christmas is still the best time of the year.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas in st george

Christmas time is nearly here in St George. It is nice to be in a no snow allowed zone even though it is not as pretty, no it is always pretty here, We just don't have slick roads and frozen noses.

Out friend Nichole thought that it would me fun to do some caroling. She called a lot of friends, mostly old folks, obtained a trailer, bales of hay, and assigned cookies to be made and off we went. It was a little cool but our spirits were good as we went to sing for a lot of shut In's and widows. It was great fun.

The outside of our home is all lit up. Mom insisted that we put up all of our lights. She held the lights while I stood on the ladder and attached them to the rain gutter. I think all in all they look pretty good.

The tree is all decorated and the presents are in place. We are ready for the best season of the year.

Thursday, December 1, 2011


Thanksgiving this year for most of the family was in California with Roy and Angel. They had to suffer with eighteen of the our extended family. Clay & Allison's, Marty & Melody's families along with Grandpa and Grandma stayed in Roy and Angel's house, ten Grandchildren.

It amazed me how many of the kids could bounce in the tramp. at the same time. There were some bumps and tears but after a few minutes the damaged child was back bouncing.

The pies were the best part of dinner, pecan is my favorite one. I am not big on pumpkin pie even though it is the Thanksgiving traditional eat but I favor taste over yucky pumpkin. The only way that pumpkin is eatable is if there is enough whipped cream so that you cannot taste it.

The girls spent a lot of time in the kitchen making all of the goodies, while the men helped by staying away and playing video games. The family had a good time playing games, such as monopoly, flip and other board games. It was great to get away from the TV grind and spent some quality time with our family.

We all had our part of the house to sleep in and took turns using the bathroom, all of the men made the great sacrifice of delaying shaving until we returned home, but isn't that the style now to have a scruffy beard, the unshaven look.

The best part of Thanksgiving is being with and loving your family. We had a great time!!