Monday, August 30, 2010

Movie, Stars, Sand dunes and Family Search.

We took a ride through Zions National Park and the loop that passes by Pink Coral Sand Dunes State Park. We had not been all of the way through the park to as we normally turn around after the tunnel. It was great to see that part of the park. The traffic was really bad as large parts of the roadway was being replaced by President Obamba's Stimulation program. We had to stop at several locations and wait for traffic coming the other way. It was really nice, as we were in no hurry and the view was really great. The desert flowers were just great as we have had some rain it the last few days.

Pink Coral Sand dunes were fun but there are there are still some bad memories about leaving Angel there. We continued on the road past the State Park. The road was dirt for about three miles, until we came to Colorado City and the highway back to Huricane and on to home. The Trip was nice but not too long from 10:am to

St George City has Movies in the Park every first and 4th Saturday night they were showing
Shark Tails. It was nice, so we took the lawn chairs and watched the movie. There were lots of Families with young children. The local TV station had games and ect for the children.

Thursday night was the first performance of "Crazy for You"at Tuchan. It was a fun musical with lots of famular songs, they lways do a great job. They made said that Disney had contacted them and asked them to do the premier of their new musical, "The Littelest Mermaid" next season. If it turns out as good as "Tarzan" it will be as

Friday, August 20, 2010

travel day and ect

We try to visit some where in the area near to St George each week, one hundred fifty miles or less is near. We drove to Cedar Breaks National Monument today. Last week we drove the road that goes to the Gunlock area, a pretty lake and small town. The week before that Kolob Canyon section of Zions National Park, ect. and so on.

The thing that is amazing is that we can still find cool places around here that we have not visited. Some of the unexpected cool places were Pipe Springs National Monument where the Mormon Pioneers had a large Cattle Ranch. At Sand Hollow State Park There is a really cool beach formed from a sand dune that comes down in to the lake. There is a really neat water fountain park for the kids to play in a right next to the historical Tabernacle. They have Movies in the Park by the water fountain every second and forth Friday. A really nice afternoon and evening would to be to take the tour of the Tabernacle, play in the water until dusk and then sit on lawn chairs and watch the Movie, all of them are G type.

I have been asked to make a presentation for the combined Relief Society and Priesthood Meeting on the 5th Sunday of this month about finding a person using the Computer Program. We have scheduled a take a Ancestor to the Temple Night, on Saturday the eighth of October. I have prepared all of the materials; a really good hand out and a Power Point Presentation on how to use the Computer Program. It should be really good.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Tuachan has a Saturday Market and Entertainment each week. We went there on the 24th of July. The Blue Grass band was passing out various musical instruments to the people in attendance to play on. Mom got the Washboard. It was really fun. We have been attending the events at either Tuachan or The Square by Brigham Young's home on Saturdays

The first of August was the time for the blessing of Todd and Shelly's new daughter Shaylynn. She is a very special baby. We are so grateful for out third Grand daughter and 13th Grand Child. Todd was so excited to be a Dad after all of these many years. It was great to be there for the event, but we missed our home in St George.
We ended out trip with a visit to our property at Fairview. We had not been there for more than two years. The Motor home started after much effort. Dad got to play two rounds of Golf, and did really well even though he had not played since before our mission.