Wednesday, November 21, 2007

trip to laughlin

We just got back from a fun trip to Laughlin, Nevada. It is in what is called the tristate area. If you look at a map it it the area where the end of Nevada meets the edge of Arizona and California. The town is on the Colorado River so there is lots of fun things to do. There are several nice Hotels there with very reasonable rates. We stayed in the 11th floor of the Tropicana Express, a 24 story hotel. The rooms for a week day are $29.00. The hotel has 5 restaurants, a large swimming pool, several nice hot tubs. We signed up for the gaming club even though we don't gamble. The club membership provided a free tee shirt deep discounts on food and $ 5.00 each to gamble, which we pocketed. The food was wonderful. The Theme for the Hotel was trains. There was a old steam train that went around the hotel.

There is a walk along the bank of the river behind all of the hotels with shops ect. Malrene and I took a ride on a River Boat to see the River and Davis Dam which is just up stream from Laughlin.

Sunday, after our own sunday shool. We could not find the LDS Ward. Marlene called the number for the Ward that we got off the Internet but it was a home. We drove to lake Havasu City, about 40 Miles, to see the London Bridge. It was taken down piece be piece shipped to Arizona and reconstructed. There is a lot of English themed business around it. In the park by the Bridge there was a Dog show going on with the dogs racing through a obisital course.

Monday we drove to a small town in the area called Oatman Arizona. It is about 15 miles from Laughlin. It is on old historic highway 66 it is an old mining town with now more mining. some of the old buildings were used in the Movie "How the West Was Won". Clark Gable and Carol Lumbard spent their Honey moon here after their secrete wedding. There is a Gun fight staged in the town on the main street about every 20 minutes. The Wild Burros from the area come in to town looking for carrots which most of the stores sell. Attached is a couple of pictures of Mom trying to feed them. She doesn't know whether to feed them or run.

We had a great time for a couple of days. I guess the best was sitting in the hot tubs eating the huge free yogurt cones each day. all in all a great trip.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

catching up

I need to write. We had our Primary Program today. It went well. I am probably the oldest serving in the Primary. For the last song, the congregation joined in with Sherry S playing organ, so I ask the music people if I could add some chords and notes, and they said sure. So I added some to the piano music It was neat.. Those who know me know I have trouble playing things straight.~as written.

After the meeting, I went to a wonderful testimony of my friends Vera and Ron Beesley. I want to serve a mission in a few years. Right now, my mission is the temple. They are great people.

We made a major change by removing the book shelf in my room and I am learning to adjust. We carried tons of books down stairs and took another shelf in the basement and put books on it. Alot of work but a nice result.

We are getting ready for our monthly trip. We are going to Laughlin, Nevada for three days. We are not having a gathering for Thanksgiving as we had one on Nov 3.

Marlene Glad

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

One more great year.!~

Here I am celebrating another year. We had a good birthday, Thanksgiving combination to celebrate both Turkeys. big days. (ha ) It was so neat to get to sing ? ? to Angel and have Bruce and Tara here for church and spend a few days.

I do feel a few ached and pains lately from adding another year. I have not fully recovered from a 2 mile hike in Bryce on our Sept Anniversary. But I have got new glasses. It is a good thing I went in cause I found out I have a couple of eye treatable conditions, ,like dry eye and possibility of starting of glaucoma, and feel about 80% better in my knees.

It was so great to have a happy marriage party in my back yard ', (it did make us work alot to make it successful and help from my family) having all my family but an ill daughter-in -law at the wonderful wedding. Going on two trips in our new old motor home', going to California with Bruce and Tara, to see our grandson baptized, these are a few of the favorite things I have done this year.I am blessed with many blessing, home family, friends, church , my testimony.

Dad and I took a drive to the new temple site. It should be ready about this time next year. Then we took a ride around the Alpine area and looked at some small homes and came home to be grateful for what we have here. If I ever got converted to leaving, (which I have not.) It would be so hard to leave the house. But so doubly hard to clean up a mess to move,,,, But too leave those I love and appreciate.~ That would be the hardest.!

We went to a financail seminar at an unbelievable Grand America Hotel. The lecture was interesting and the Horderves were unbelievable.! So I have celebrated my B day two times now and I am going to lunch with some friends ; I had alot of water aerobocis friends tell me happy B day this morning., I see some more friends at the temple and get to play the piano for temple preparation meeting today. Fun! I get to serve in the temple today.! No better place to be than there.

I better go get ready for our big day.

Marlene Glad

This is getting long.

Friday, November 2, 2007


Halloween this year was just not the old thing I remember from my childhood. Our home is on a street that has no street lighting so it is pretty dark. Most of the kids in the Neighborhood don't come down our dark street to get goodies as the pickings are easier on the newer parts of our area where the houses are closer together and there is lots of lighting. Last year Marlene sat and waited for the ghosts and goblins to come to our house and get the loot that we had for them. We waited and waited and and a total of 6 children came to our house, 4 of them were our grandchildren. We had no bunches of kids running around in their costumes with their pumpkin lights and happy smiles. It was pretty sad.

So this year we got a lot of candy. We were ready!!! We got a couple of boxes of candy bars under the premise that "If you build it, they will come", remember the movie Field of Dreams. We were ready. Well, I did eat all of the Snicker Bars before the big day. Then Marlene reminded me that the Temple was open on the night of the 31st of October and it was our night to work. So we bagged the whole thing. We turned the porch light on and placed a bowl of penny candy on the stoop. When we got back home that night some of was missing but we had no way of knowing the identity of the kids that made off with our loot. I talked to Stuart, the oldest of our neighbor grand kids, about the candy. He said "Grandpa we didn't go to your house there was no one home". So it looks like it was another failed attempt to share our candy bars. Well I guess it is not a entire loss, I have still a lot of Butter Finger bars left for Me.