Tuesday, June 15, 2010

driving and driving

We just returned from driving back to Sandy again. We were there last week end for Stuart's graduation, doctor appointments and Marlene's siblings get together. This time Bruce was scheduled to have his new son, Matthew blessed. When we were just on the outskirts of Sandy, our cell phone rang and we were informed that Tara was too sick to have it done. Tara is now feeling better She was taken to the hospital due to hemorrhaging from some minor surgery that was done earlier in the week. We stayed in our old home and attended the Sunday meeting schedule there. I am getting better at driving that three hundred miles. It was good to be back to our home in St George.

Our tomatoes plants are staring to produce, fresh home grown tomatoes are so nice. Sandy was cool and raining, for us really cold. I love the sunshine and heat.

Marlene has been suffering from really bad pain in her back and hip after hiking around Grand Canyon and standing and thinning Peaches at the church farm. The doctor here took some X rays and told us that she was staring so have some problems with arthritis in her lower back. She is taking some anti inflammatory medication and is feeling better. The heat here will help her. She will be doing some Physical Therapy to help with the situation.

We have moved almost everything we wanted from our Sandy home. I put up a book case and the curio case yesterday, so all of our assorted nick knacks now have a place to go. The home now looks like the "Glad home".

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Memorial Day, Ect

We went back to Northern Utah last week for Doctor appointments, Stuarts High School graduation and a Sibling reunion in Cache Valley for Marlene's Family. It was great fun but Saturday was a very busy day with our driving to Logan from Sandy for the get together and then after back to St George. It was great to visit with Marlene's family and talk about family history and ect. We had to get back for Sunday so that I would be there for Setting apart as the new High Priest Group Leader in our new ward.
We were the speakers in Sacrament Meeting the week before. It feels good to feel like we are needed in our new Ward can still contribute. To the Lord's work. We have been going to the Temple here in St George once a week to get some of the family's work done that we have found on the New Family Search Program.

Memorial Day week end was really neat with lots of our family coming to our home in St George to spend the Holiday with us. Roy and Angel and family came on Thursday night then Marty and Melody came on Friday night and Todd and Shelly came to St George on Saturday night. It was very nice to have so many of the family here to spend the holiday with us. Todd and Shelly found another place to stay while they were here as our home was full to the brim with the rest of the family.

Roy, Angel, Megan, and Tyler were sleeping in one of the extra bed rooms with Nathan sleeping in our walk in clothes closet. Melody and Marty slept in the other extra bed room, With the rest of their family in the front room.

We went to "Pioneer Park" a city park that is in the Red Rock country just above St George on Friday with Roy and Angel's family before the rest of arrived. This is a really special place with lots of places to hike around on like small Slot Canyons, Rocks and even a small arch to see. We then went to Snow Canyon with its Sand Dunes Lava tubes and Cinder Cones.

Saturday when every one was here we visited Zion National Park. There is a short trail just the other side of the Tunnel that goes to look out point from where you can see the park from way upstairs.
There is a free Shuttle that will transport the visitors to the rest of the Park. It is nice because the driver dose a narration about the history and things to see as he drives. It was nice to have the kids take the short hike to Weeping Rock.

All of the family was here on Sunday to attend Sacrament Meeting with us and be there when we spoke.
We had one day of rest "Tuesday" before we started our trip to Northern Utah. We are really tired !!!!