Monday, January 30, 2012

Mesquite Balloon Fest

Saturday there was a Balloon Fest at Mesquite Nevada. Marlene thought it would be neat to see. So we drove down with Jon and Nichole Alexander to enjoy. The balloons were all spread
out on the golf course driving range ready to be inflated when we arrived. The wind aloft was too much and going in the wrong direction, so they could not fly but they inflated all of them so we could enjoy the color and excitement.

Inside of a inflated Balloon

We were able to walk around and watch the process and talk to the crews. The process of inflating a balloon started with a Large fan that was used to blow air into the bottom of the bag that was on the ground. When the bag was almost vertical a Propane blower was used to inject hot air into the balloon.

Propane burner

The burner was lit when the balloon needed to gain altitude and a vent in the top of bag was open to allow air to escape to descend.

The balloons were very colorful. It was a great experience to see them all blown up.

It was a great time for all.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Porter Rockwell and fun

Marty had a seminar he had to attend at the Hospital here in St George. Melody spent the day with us as he was involved with that program. We went to see the Petrogriphs again and discovered some Real neat ones that we had not found before.

Some of them were really large. with lots of different figures. We were joking that one looked like a man in a space ship or possibly a bird in a cage.

There was a really cool monster or an creature from outer space

This week it has been one hundred and fifty years since St George was founded so there are lots of things going on. We went to the old opera house for a one man show about Porter Rockwell and then after that a choir singing songs from Gilbert and Sullivan shows. When the Opera house was first built in the 1870's their productions were very popular and were performed there

We are going to the Tabernacle for a one man show about Brigham Young and then the Southern Utah Heritage Choir, the local like Tabernacle Choir, will be performing. The events will continue until Tuesday when it will end with a big fire works show.