Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sister Missonaries

Sunday is a great day for the Sisters on the Square.  Sister Wilson, one of our favorite Sisters is leaving for home.  This Sunday is her last day here.  She had permission to hug some of the Senior Elders.  Elder Glad was so thrilled to be able to hug her.  One of the Rules is that the Elders only get to shake the hands of the Sisters.  The Elder Sisters get to hug a lot. 
When Music and the Spoken Word is over the Sisters Temple Square Choir stands out side of the Tabernacle to share some of their favorite hymns.  It is really special to hear them every Sunday.  They are really great.  
Once a Month the Sisters put a special program, "Come unto Christ" where they sing and share their testimonies.  We are going to attend tonight again.  Next week the Spanish Sisters will also put on the same program in their language.
The Sisters meet the Guests out side of the Tabernacle to give them a opportunity to attend a Tour.  They hold signs up and greet the guests in the language they speak, and invite them to go on Tours with that language.  The Sisters are able to speak up to thirty five different languages. Their are many Sisters that can speak many languages.  We have a new Sister from Mongolia who can speak English, French, Russian, Japanese and of course Mongolian.  There is a Sister from Switzerland who can speak English, French, and Italian.  Most of the Sister Missionaries have to learn a new language when they come here, English.  
We have made a new friend on the Square, Jamone Pili.  He has received a Mission call to serve in Somoa.  The the original land of his family.  He had been a Member of the Church for only a year.  His Father is a Minister of another Christian Church and is opposed to his son going on this mission.  When he submitted his papers for the mission he received a reply that he was too over weight to go, that he needed to loose a least forty five pounds to be able to go on a mission.   This special young man met the mark, lost forty five pounds and is going next week.

Mom was thrilled to get a yellow Rose yesterday.  The was a group of young people on the square who were going to a dance at their High School that night.  They were on the Square as a part of a group to do some thing special before the dance.  They all brought Roses here and gave they out to some one who had a special experience that they would share.  We told them about the Nauvoo Mission.  We got a Rose.  The young people then spent time sharing with each other the stories they heard.  Our young people are very special.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Wedding Bells and Birthday Parties

Saturday was our son, Todd, and our new daughter-in-law, Shelly's Wedding.  We had all of the family here so it was not only a great event to have a new member of our family but also to be able to  see Roy and Angel and her family. 

We had a Wedding luncheon at our Condo Social room.  Todd and Shelly were having a great time "eating".  Shelly is a good sport and will add so much to our family. 

The reception was later that night with every one there.  Shelly was beautiful In Her gown .  The girls had great time.

While every one was here for the Wedding we had a "Big Birthday Party" for Bruce, Todd, Allison, Angel, Mom, Aaron, Nathan and Megan.  We have a lot of Birthdays that come close to the same time of the year. Roy and Angel were  here for the Wedding we decided to have a party while they were here in Utah.  Todd helped to pass our the Gifts.

Roy and Angel spent some time with us on the Square seeing the sights.   It was so nice to introduce our Grand kids to the Sister Missionaries.  
Grandma and Grandpa took the grand kids around the square.  We stopped at the Seagull Monument where Grandpa got to tell the story of how the Gulls saved the Saints.  

It was a really good week doing really important things like being with our Family

Sunday, September 14, 2008

September on the Square

The Church has started a new program of inviting members of the church to come to Temple Square and see the sights and hear the testimony of the Sister Missionaries.  The first day of this program was Thursday the 11th.  There was more than 200 members of the Church that came to be involved  in the program.  We had some nonmember guests that thought the tours were the normal tours and followed them.   They came in to the testimony meeting that was held in the North Visitors Center after the tours were completed.  It was a error for them to be there but several came up to the Sisters to thank them for the special experience of being able to be there and see how important the Church was in their lives.   Some times we don't know what we do to touch others lives if even by accident.

We had a Missionary reunion on September the 8th for all of our friends that served with us in the Nauvoo Temple Mission.  It was held in the Lion House, in our back yard.  It was a very special event to see all of them.  It was also a great way to celebrate our 47th wedding anniversary.   We had a great day serving on the Square and then being with our friends on our special day.   

Sunday, September 7, 2008

More on the Clark Family

I found this very interesting information on a blog. I was trying to found out if the Clark family story about John Alexander Clark being buried in Israel had anything to do with the church being able to construct the Jerusalem Center there.

I then went to the travel sites for LDS tours in Israel. I found that one of the sites they visit is at Hebron on Mt Carmel where two missionaries are buried. The the grave marker read that John Clark was a Missionary f0r the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints. This fact was used to show that the Church was there prior to 1948, which was the criteria that the government of Israel required to construct the Jerusalem Center. The old head stone has been placed in a new granite marker.

Jimmy went in for his latest MRI. He is still free from and Cancer. The longer that he is free the less likely the that the it will come back.

We will be going to a Missionary Reunion for the Nauvoo Temple Square Mission Monday at the Lion House. It will be nice to see all of our old friends there. It will also by our 47th wedding anniversary, so we can kill two birds with one stone. We took Mom's wedding ring in to a Jeweler to get it repaired. We had 4 new diamonds put in the ring and the center stone reset so it would be more exposed. It was set two low to see the stone well. The ring looks great!

It has cooled down a lot. It was very nice last night while we were working at the Tabernacle to sit and enjoy the cool evening. Life is good.