Friday, July 23, 2010

Kolob and Cats

Thursday we went to Tuachan for the Musical "Cats". If you like Music and Dance, it was the best. The Dancers were unbelievable and Andrew Loyd Weber's music was terrific. It may have been the best production that we have had the opportunity to see.

The story line is a little hard to understand but the production numbers make up for that. The Performers were outside after the Play for picture taking. Mom wanted some pictures and more pictures these are some of them

Mom with Old Deuteronomy. I still have the music going through my head.

If you can come to St George the Musical is worth the Trip.

We drove up to the Kolob Canyon Part of Zions National Park. It is between St George and Cedar City just off of I-15. The Canyon is quite a bit different from the Zions park that most people visit. The drive into Kolob Canyon is about five miles. The elevation is much higher, starting at about 4500 feet, the elevation of Cedar City, then driving up the canyon to around 5000-6000 feet.

The road ends at a point where you can look down to the normal Zion's park. The Canyon is high enough that there is a lot of Ponderosa Pines. Not many people visit this area of Zions so you don't have to fight the crowd.

Monday, July 12, 2010

4th of July Holiday

The 4th of July was really great. Clay and Allisons family came to visit here on the weekend. We had a great time, went to the park where lots of games were played. Aaron entered the water melon eating contest and Cody participated in the hot dog eating contest.The photo to the right is Cody looking over a large plate of dogs just before the event started. He was able to eat nine and one quarter dogs. The winner consumed ten.

We went to the beach on Sand Wash Lake and enjoyed the water. Clay got a sunburn on his back from bending over trying to see how far He could make his feet sink into the sand.

Roy and Angel came on Tuesday just after Clay and family left. We visited St George Pioneer Park, a very unusual park it is a red rock area just above the city with lots of fun places to climb around on. Nathan was able to make it through a slot canyon, Roy or I could not fit. We were all tired so we came home watched some movies and then Melody, Megan Nathan and Grand parents went to Tuachan to enjoy the Disney Musical production of Tarzan. It was really good.

Marlene went to the Hospital today, Monday the 12th of July to have a a special test on her spine to find out more about the mass that was found there. She is feeling pretty good. They did a spinal tap then injected some die into her spine and then scanned her back. She has already had an x ray and two MRI done. We should have the results this coming week then we can make some plans for the twenty forth of July week.