Friday, March 21, 2008

We survived this week so far

This has been a sad week, I am really feeling so mixed emotions,. Todds wife that has been his companion for 25 years passed away Wednesday. March 19. We were in the temple and the secretary said I had a message. My daughter was crying so I knew it was bad. Dwayne met me after I changed to my street clothes and we went to Todds.

It was unreal seeing her just laying in her bed not alive.! There were all my family except Angel and family. After they took her away, a tough thing for us,we had a family prayer and gave Todd a blessing . Thank good ness for our church and their benefits of comfort. We beleive she will be alive again. She will have a sweet release from the body that sometimes was so frail she had to be in a doctors care alot.

Anyway. The viewing is at 65oo Redwood Rd. Memorial Sunday night at 6-to 8. This is Easter and he is happy we are having it then. The funeral is Monday 31. at 11:00 . Kearns 21st Ward. 4270 West 5700 South. A viewing an hour before It will be a tough day or two. Pray for the Glads. She will be buried in Fairview , Utah.

I hope to write some happy news next time. Thank goodness for Easter and the resurrection. Happy Easter!


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Things are Great

Our Grandson Jimmy, who had a brain tumor removed 3 years ago, had his follow up MRI today. He is still stable. We were worried because on the last test there was a light spot on the film. The test was to follow up and see if there was any change. We are so happy.

We can now get ready to serve another Mission for our Church. We wanted to be sure that every thing was settled with Jimmy before we put our papers in. We are trying to figure what to do with our home while we are gone. We hope that maybe Bruce and Tara come to here to attend the University of Utah. So They can stay in our home while we are gone.

I moved the computer and all of my other stuff in to Bruce's old bedroom. I now have my own den. It was a lot of work. I had to move all of the cables from the our bedroom in to the new den. I put the wires from the closet in the TV room into the attic and the down the closet in the my new den. It was a lot of work crawling around in the attic pulling the wires. Then when we were moving the computer desk the legs broke off. I fixed it so now every thing it ok.

It looks pretty good and mom is excited about a lot of empty spaces in the bedroom.

Spring is here the flowers are starting to come up. The only bad thing I can thing of is that the ducks are back in our pond. The fish made it through the winter now if the ducks don't eat them all we will be ok.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Long time since we wrote

I have not written for a few weeks. Dwayne is completely recovered from his bout with pnuemonia. We did some drastic rearrangeing of furniture yesterday. We moved the computer into The extra bedroom. I do not know how to react when I go in the bedroom and not see a computer and stuff that goes with it. It was alot of crawling for Dwayne in the attic to feed the wires to the next room. It is good that he could do it.

We are planning a short trip to California from March 21 to 28 with three days in Las Vegas on Fremont Street. We will get to our grandkids that live in Cal and our daughter Angel and her husband Roy. We have not spent Easter away before. I will miss being with the kids in Utah.

We went to see the grandkids in Kearns cause I hadn't seen them for awhile. I do not get to show them much attention, when we have a family party. It was fun and it was cute to have Amadna say give me a kiss when we were leaving. I get to see my grandkids on my street more often, that is neat too but I see them more.

Stuart was ordained a Priest and Ben was ordained a deacon in January. It is neat to see them advance. Stu was also set apart as leader Sunday. It is neat to see them grow up and advance in their responsibilities. We pray that Jimmys MRI will be negative tomorrow. I do not want to Melody and Marty's family go through more stree.!

Bruce and Tara are planning to come sometime in the week because they are out of school for Spring Break. It will be fun to see them.

I hope all is well with everyone and Happy Easter.!