Saturday, February 23, 2008

Long Time, no write.

I have not written for a long time. We have been busy. We went on a tip to Mesquite Feb 9 to 12th. We went to a Musical" Man of La Mancha" (spelling). It was very well done. We really enjoyed it.and it brought back memories.Professionaly , Robert Peterson an acotr who lived in my ward for years, used to make it so enjoyable. I remember when one of my sons was in it I believe it was Clay, at his high school.

We visited with my brother Dean and his wife. They have been living in St George for years. They usually live there in the winter and go to their home in Star Valley in the summer. My nephew and his wife were also visiting. We went to the wonderful leadership meeting with them . It was a wonderful reinforcement of the importance of family.

We sat in the hot tub and drove around St George and Mesquite and looked at houses. It was fun.

Last month, Angel had the misfortune of having a termination of a pregnancy we were all looking forward to. number 12. It was not to be. Then the news of Pres Hinckleys passing, were some sad things that we had to deal with. I am pleased that the people in her area and ward were there to help her through this time.

Bruce and Tara came down 12th to talk to the people at the U.of U. He is hopeing to get accepted into the Social Program there. He has been accepted to the college, but wants to be in the program there. we had the priviledge of having them stay until Wed morning so they could drive back without having the storm make their journey unsafe..They are doing well and have to make some decisions about their schooling. It is fun to see them so happy.

We had womens conference at our Stake today. It gave me alot to comtemplate. I wonder what else I am do on earth? What is MY MISSION? I have done alot but have I done enough? Sister Nelson gave us a great guide line to follow. I hope to be inspired.

Dad is back to about 99% he is eating well and goes to excercise quite regularly. He even has painted some pictures lately. He encouraged me to go to an open house bridal shower today after I been away all morning. That was nice of him and I was happy I went even though I had not bought a present yet and had to go buy one. It was nice of hime to think of me needing to support someone and see some nice people.

We got a rebate check and went crazy with our food storage yesterday. The check is when you spend via American Express at the end of the year you get a percentage back. Well we spent all that and more. It was a good feeling to see all the food we bought.

I got to go cook some of that good food, before the Jazz game.

Marlene G,

Friday, February 1, 2008

surviving winter

It has been an interesting week. First Angel called to say Pres. Hinckley had passed away. Then Tuesday Roy called to say that Angel had a terrible misscarriage. This was to be number 12 and she was to excitedly announce that it was a boy or girl. I feel so tender for her and our prayers are with her and her family. These are not easy moments.

I will miss Pres Hinckley in our every day lives. Everything we do we are affected by his counsel and loving ways.

Dad is improving, and still hates winter. I am trying to light up the rooms more so he can have some sun. We went to the temple Wed and Thrusday. The new schedules for Wednesday finally have given him a session.! We have the same schedule for the first time in about a year. He was at the reccomend desks for about 19 months. This will be neat, although we will be staying late once in a while.

It is nice to see friends in the temple. I saw Lani Lawrence and her neice Thrursday, and Parks who used to live in our ward. A sister Zetner who comes every Thursday knitted me a cute towel holder. She is so sweet, I have seen her for about 6 years and only talked to her once in a while she is 84.

We went to celebrate Bens Birthday, Thursday after temple. It was fun to eat at the Chinese Buffet and the clown paid extra attention to us and gave each of the kids a balloon toy and Ben an extreme balloon hat and a deck of trick cards.

We plan to go on a short trip next week to get out of the snow. I hope the weather co-operates.!

Life is good but I hope my daughter-in- law Shaylynn gets better soon.!

Keep the faith and the 6 B's from Pres Hinckley.

Marlene Glad