Sunday, August 31, 2008

March of the Apostles and other nice Neighbors

We just got in from the Patio where we were watching a major front come it to the valley. It was something to see it as it came from over the Lake across the airport and into Salt Lake City. The Temperature in Salt Lake Valley is suppose to drop from the 90s today to the low 60s tomorrow with snow in the mountains. This is Utah, if you don't like the weather just wait a while and it will change.

We were in the Tunnel system the other day walking from lunch in the Church Office Building Cafeteria back to The Joseph Smith Building when we came across the "March of the Apostles".
The Elders where going back to their offices in the Church Administration Building from their weekly Meeting in the Temple through the tunnel. There were four of them riding in a cart, Elders Packer, Ballard and Wirthin. Elders Holland, Oaks, Perry, Cook and Scott were walking in front. They went by so fast with their security that we could not see all of them. Mom was able to step in and shake the hand of Elder Oaks. It is nice to see all of the Apostles in some other setting than sitting up front at General Conference.

We are working in the Tabernacle on Sunday this transfer. Music and the Spoken Word is moving back to the Tabernacle next week from the Conference Center now that the heavy tourist season is over. Mom is excited to be assigned to the building when the Broadcast is going on.

We were walking down the hill the other morning to start our working day when we ran into Orrin Hatch and his wife. We had a short talk with him he is worried that the Bad Guys may get control of the Senate this next election. We told him that we lived in Zions Summit on the 8th floor and found out that they live on the 7th floor just under us. It is a small world.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Baptism and Bad Guys

It is hard to believe but we have had a Baptism. Damian our friend was Baptised a member of the Church last night the 23rd of August. Mom and I were there along with some of our Missionary friends, the Ownbys.

We met Damian while we were working at the Legacy Theater. We were visiting with the guests while we were waiting to start the movie. Damian told us that he had just arrived from Arizona, that he did now why he came to Utah. He said that he thought that he had come here for a special reason. He was looking for a place to stay and needed a job. I told him some about the Church and invited him to see the film "Joseph Smith Prophet of the Restoration". We met him at the exit of the movie to see what he thought of the film. He said that he felt like Joseph Smith in some ways. We gave him a "Book of Mormon" and the number for the Church employment office.

We thought that would be the end of the story as we were not able to get his phone number or place of residence. He had no phone and was looking for some where to stay. Several days passed and we were at the South Gate greeting guests, when who should walk by but Damian taking a short cut though the Square. We had a nice visit. He was still looking for a job but had found some where to stay for the short time. I told him to read 3rd Nephi 11 and Moroni in the Book of Mormon that we had given him. He still did not have a real address or phone number. More time passed when he appeared again as we were working at the Tabernacle. He said that he now had a Cell Phone and had had some part time jobs in construction and was living at a Hostel. I got his phone Number and and address and sent it to the Referral Center for the full time Missionaries to contact him. Several days later he came back looking for us. He said that he had some good interviews for a job with some call backs scheduled. I asked him if the Missionaries had been in touch with him. He said that he was disappointed because he had not yet heard from them. I took his Phone Number and Name to President Leech and asked him to contact the Mission Leaders in person. Damian Then came looking for us again with the news that he had a job and that he had the lessons and was committed to be baptised. Very few of the Missionaries on the Square get to see a Baptism because the referrals are sent to the full time missionaries in other missions or countries.

Mom was working at the at the East Desk of the South Visitors Center when a Man came in with no shoes on. He said that the Church was the cause of all his troubles that they had taken away his wife and kids. He then told Mom that if he did not get help that he would have to rob or kill someone. Mom then called security and he ran away. Security was able to catch him and escort him off the square. We found out that he then went to Welfare Square and made the same threats. He was then arrested and taken to Jail. Mom did such a job in being able to stay calm and call security. She was really upset after the event. The mission leaders said they did not remember anything that bad before.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Merry Christmas, Here comes the bride and bats in the belfrey

We were to the temple yesterday when we noticed some ladders near the trees on the east side of the Conference Center, where we walk to the to the temple each day. We found out, by talking to the workman there, that it was time to start putting up the Christmas lights. The base of each tree was marked by different color flags to show what color of lights were on the tree. Some how seeing Christmas lights on the trees in August didn't really put us in the Christmas spirit. It takes five months to put the lights up and two months to take them down. The special feeling of being on the Square on Christmas time does take some effort.

Today is the eighth of August 2008 or 08/08/08. Three infinity signs if turned on their sides. Well this did not escape the notice of prospective Brides. The Temple was totally overwhelmed with Weddings. There was hardly any room for pictures of the Wedding groups. The outside of the Temple, the fenced in area where pictures are to be taken was a mass of white dresses.
We were preparing to end our shift, 9:00 pm, at the west gate of Temple Square when some maintenance people came by and told us to come and see one of the secrets of the square "bats in the belfry" we went over by the Assembly Hall to watch as the bats emerged from the top of the building they came out by the side of the stained glass window under the moulding, a lot of them. I was not able to get a good picture of the bats but you can see where they came out.

We did Temple session in the morning and ran in to some of our friends from our mission in Nauvoo. They are working as Temple Workers in the Salt lake Temple. We had a good visit with them. There is going to be a Nauvoo Temple Reunion here on September the eighth, our anniversary. Should be great fun.

We had a unusual demonstration outside of the Square yesterday two stupid girls from PETA where taking a shower to protest the amount of water it takes to produce a pound of meat and also the fact that cows produce a large amount of Greenhouse gas. I guess the solution to the world's problems would to stop giving water to animals or some how figuring out to stop them from passing gas.

Monday, August 4, 2008

life on the Square

I am having a great time on Temple Square. I did get to play a hymn on the Tabernacle Organ, after a recital. Not all organists would meet my request to touch it. After he said to come up , I put my hands on the keyboard and he put on a registration. I even played two keyboards. He said "I have a hymn book if you want to play". I was so nervous, that I said "I don't need one, I am too nervous". So I played by ear "How Gentle God's Command." It may never happen again, but there was the right organist, the right place and the right time. One of God's tender mercies happened and I fulfilled a life long dream.

We have so many neat experiences here. It is fantastic to meet all the sisters. We were asked to give a short talk in Zone Conference last week. Dad told the story of our ancestor Ezra T Clark. The mission Pres then asked for the information about Ezra T Clarks son dying in Palestine and the Church being able to build the Jerusalem Center because they found his grave. Quite a story.

One of the sister missionaries, came to me after and said Ezra T Clark was also her ancestor. I guess we are distantly related. The sisters are so neat and easy to get to know. They have such a knowledge of the gospel and say it so well. When they are busy, we as Senior Missionaries get to answer peoples questions. A Jewish lady talked to me today and asked me how they thought about Jews. We had a long conversation, I hope she was pleased with what I told her. Just one example that happens allot on Temple Square.

I enjoy choir and Dad tolerates it. We sang last Sunday. I am trying to remember all the things I was taught in Ward Choir. We went to a fantastic concert Saturday night. Dad tolerated it but some of the high sounds and an uncomfortable chair made it so we left after two 2 hours. If it would have been shorter it would have been more fantastic. They were all young artists and Marvin Goldstein played the piano as a soloist and accompanist. Unbelievable, there was a thirteen year old concert pianist I am sure will be famous some day. He played for long minutes without any music. The other artist were so accomplished and had beautiful voices. Too bad it was so long.

We went to two other concerts last week. The family of Bastains was 6 people who played piano and they were so unique and talented. We get to do so many things because we are close to every thing being on Temple Square