Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Special gifts for our 50th

Marlene and I have talked about what kind of Gift we should give so as to make our fifty years together special, something that would be a lasting memorial of the great times that We have spent together. We have looked around and found what we consider to the best thing.

In our old age, We have become collectors of beautiful things, so when we saw this Llydro of a Mother and Child at a consignment store, We had to have it.

It is really a wonderful piece of art work with much detail

Mom wanted to be sure that when I took the photos that I did not shoot at a angle that would show the boy parts. I told her that that was what baby boys have, but I still was careful about the photo.

While We were making the transaction of obtaining the Llydro. I was looking around and saw this Tureen and Platter combination for only $16.00. The Duck also now has a new home. It will have a place of honor in the center of our Kitchen Table.

So our Home in St George will become even more special because Mom and I are getting so old

Monday, August 22, 2011

Mom and Melody on the beach at Sand Hollow State Park

Melody, Marty and Kids came to visit us on the way back to Sandy from California. It was good to have them come to our home in St George.

Stuart heard that his Mission Call had been delivered to Sandy while they were on vacation with Roy and Angel's Family. They went back to Sandy Saturday Morning and Stuart had a Family gathering Sunday afternoon, which we were able to attend with the miracle of Streaming on the Internet. He is going to go to the Washington, Everett Mission. He will enter the Mission Home on the 16th of November. Bruce was really excited. He served in the Washington, Seattle Mission, that is next to the Mission that Stuart had been called to. We are so proud as Grandparents to have our Grandsons go out in the World to teach the Gospel.

Breakfast at Grandma and Grandpa's House

There is a new version of "Joseph Smith the Prophet of the Restoration" movie now being shown at the Church Visitor Centers including the one here at the St George Temple. It was great to be able to watch while they were here. When the movie was over we went to the Town Square park where Jim had a couple of rides on the "Merry Go Round". The old historical Judd Store is just across the street from the park. They have a lot of old time and unusual bottled soft drinks, as well as really good Ice Cream. Most of the Group got a scoop of the Ice Cream but Andy wanted a bottle of "Lenionade" the Russian soft drink.

Melody wanted to go to the Beach at Sand Hollow. Marlene did some swimming while the boys made sand castles. It is really nice as the pink sand dunes flow in to the lake.

We had some fun playing games with every one before going to bed. It gets a little busy when we have family visit but we love it.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Narrows

The Narrows in Zion National Park

It has been more than twenty five years since Marlene I had been on the hike to the Narrows.
It is a easy, mostly level, hike of a little more than a mile. The canyon walls in many places were wet from moisture flowing through the sand stone walls. The walk is shaded by the cliffs as the canyon narrows. There is all kinds of ivy and moss on the vertical walls. The temperature is cool as one walks in the shadows of the narrow canyon.

The Virgin river flows closely by the trail with cascades and blue pools of cold mountain water. The Park service has made many access places to go down on the riverside where you can enjoy the water.

Riverside Walk ends at Narrows. The walls come very close together and to progress any further you have to wade in the river. The water was pretty cold and the stream bed was all rocky with lots of cobbles making is hard to walk. We hiked several crossings of the river until the canyon was so narrow that the only way to continue was to stay in the river.

The walls close in and the river becomes deeper. I went to the point where I could see some of the hikers up to their waist in water at that point I went back. It was cool to stand in the water where Zion Canyon is so narrow and look up at the walls.

The Trip is one that everyone should make at least once in their life. We loved being there in such a peaceful and beautiful place.