Sunday, April 13, 2008

Getting Ready

We have been busy this last week getting all the things done so we can submit our Mission application papers.

We went to the doctors and got poked and humiliated to see if we could live for 18 more months. They took 9 test tubes of blood from each of us. They will test the blood to see if we have still antibodies for the diseases that we have had shots for in the past. Marlene had just prior to the Missionary physical been up the Huntsman Cancer Center for her yearly screening. They took 4 test tubes of blood there so all in all she gave 13 tubes of the precious liquid. The worse part of the whole thing was when Dr Wendy Macy, Yup it is a girl, had me drop my drawers to check my prostrate. It hurt me both Physically and Emotionally.

We then went then to the dentist. Well, all of my old fillings had to come out. I thought just being old was Ok. As it has been with me personally! But Steve Wright would not go for It. So out with the old in in for the new. These guys don,t like to do fillings much so I got to have new caps. Marlene had been to the dentist just a couple of months ago so she got a free pass.

We had Todd take some pictures so we could put one on the application. The old folks look pretty good. Mom is sure a good looking Grandma.

Now we next get to visit with the Bishop and the Stake President. Then we wait.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

sad days for the glads

Our oldest son's wife, Shaylynn, passed away on March 19th. She has been struggling with health problems for many years. She was almost in constant pain and had difficulty in eating. She has had many surgeries and has been in and out of the hospital almost constantly. It is very sad that she is gone but She is now in a better place where there in no pain and suffering. We hurt to see the pain that Todd has had to go through at this early time in his life. We know that life will go on but takes time for the hurt to go away from the separation but like the song goes

"All is Well"

We needed some time away so we went to California to visit with our Grandchildren, Nathan, Megan and Tyler. There parents were there also. We had a great time hugging and telling stories. We may not see them for more than a couple of years as we are planning to go on a Mission for 18 months. Nathan had a great time teaching Grandma how to play the Piano

We went bowling with all of the kids. It was great fun. Tyler was a little weak on his throw, A man from the Alley had to come and push the ball so it would get to the pins one time. Me, Marlene, Megan, Nathan, and Tyler with Angels help played. Roy was kind enough to pretend to have a sore back so we could play.

We drove to Las Vegas and stayed one Night before getting back to Salt Lake all tired out. Angel called and said the after we left that Tyler packed his bag and asked her to take him to see Grandma and Grandpa. We are glad to be back home.

We go to the doctor to get our Physicals Friday. Time is going by!