Sunday, June 26, 2011

guns and bombs

Marlene and I had the assignment to clean up the Chapel. Saturday morning at 8:00 AM we were busy engaged preparing the building for Sunday, sweeping, vacuuming, taking out the garbage ect. When We left the building we found that there was a Fire engine and Ambulance parked in the Church parking lot. I thought that is a odd place to stop to eat some donuts. We got in to the car to drive home and discovered that the street between us and home was barricaded of by two Police Cars. We drove around the block to and found that all of the streets in to the area were Blocked off and there was an another Ambulance parked on the other end of the street. It got really scary as we were driving by and saw officer get out of his car with a assault gun on his shoulder.

We found out that a there was a man in the area who had a "Bomb" and there was a stand off going on. The local Swat Team was there to handle the situation. The Man was arrested and then the bomb squad moved in to take care of the situation. All was calm in by the afternoon but it was really spooky to have eight plus Police cars, a Fire Engine and two ambulances in the neighborhood.

We still don't know the full story. The local newspaper reported that a war veteran was despondent and was trying to kill himself. The rumor in the neighborhood is that he was building a bomb to kill a former wife. There is a woman in the ward that was somewhat involved in that she was in the process of moving from the house in question and the people involved had moved into her home and were using it without her knowledge.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

June trip to Salt lake area

Cody graduated from High School, Marlene had a Doctors appointment and there was a Merritt Brothers and Sisters at Logan last week end. It was a very long trip.

Extended Merritt Family

Marlene's Brothers and Sisters

The picture of the extended family and the picture of just the Brothers and Sisters are not very much different. Marie and Mary are Widows, Beth is divorced. Don, Bonnie's husband is now fighting Colon Cancer. Wayne's wife Karen did not make the trip to Logan and LaVere and Diane are on a Mission. Marlene had a very nice extended visit with her Family.

We drove up on Friday for Cody's graduation that night. The Merritt Family gathering was on Saturday. Monday there was a Big Birthday Party at Clay's house as it was Calab's Birthday. Sunday evening We went to Cody's Seminary Graduation. He was one of the Speakers and was very impressive. He was very well prepared, spoke without looking at his notes and was very confident. Marlene visited the doctor on Tuesday after which we drove back home to St George.

There was some problems with the water at our home at Sandy. We could hear water leaking some where but could not find the leak. I worked most of the day Monday and half of the day Tuesday trying to solve the problems. I also could not get the sprinklers in the back yard to work. Then one of the valves would not shut off. We got the valve to shut down but it needs to be replaced. Bruce called me today to tell me that some men from the Water Department came by and told him that the pipe going from the water meter to the house is broken and needs to be replaced. They shut the water to the house down until it can be fixed. I just hope that it can be repaired soon so the lawn will not die.

It was not a good weekend. I am so glad to be back home where is can recover and rest up, I hope.

Cody and five of his Friends are now here staying at our home while they spend some time visiting some of the sights for a graduation trip. They have been really nice. They got up this morning at 4:30 AM. To hike to Angels Landing for Sunrise. We did not even hear them go, Tomorrow, Friday, they are going to attend the Temple to do Baptisms for the Dead. It is a joy to have be around such nice young people. We all spent some time last night playing Mexican Train Dominoes. We had family Prayer. Cody had me tell them the story of Harry the Grasshopper for a bed time story. It is nice that he would humor hid old Grandpa that way.