Monday, November 14, 2011


We went on fourteen day cruise from L. A. to Hawaii. The ship was on the Pacific Ocean for five days on the way to Hawaii, four days visiting various Islands and then Five days back to L. A.
The Islands we visited were, Hawaii (the big Island), Oahu, Maui, and Kauai.

There is a Banyon Tree in Maui that takes up four acres of park land. This tree has streamers that extend from the branches, and when they touch the ground they will take root and make another tree. The tree was really cool.

Since the trip was so long there was three formal dining nights. Marlene really likes to dress up

Halloween came while we were on the ocean. The crew all dressed up in costumes and the ship was decorated. There were some really interesting carved pumpkins.

The waves crashing onto the rocks on the shore was spectacular.

We went to a farm where they raised pineapple, mango and coconuts and other tropical fruits.

We went to the area on the island of Hawaii where there have been recent lava flows from the active volcano.

It was sad to see some homes that have been destroyed by the volcano.

We had a great time, Mom loved the day we spent at the Polynesian Cultural Center.