Sunday, June 29, 2008

We are here !!!!

We are now in the mission field. We entered the MTC on the 9th of June and spent much time Learning what Missionaries do. We learned the first three discussions Mom was really good,
Except some times She forgot to let me talk. We spent one full week and two days. The last
Two says were spent on how to conduct tours on Temple Square. There is a tradition that the Missionaries pose in front of a large map of world pointing to there Mission. So here Mom, oops, Sister Glad and I are pointing to the State of Utah. The food at the MTC was all right if you like to eat School Lunch for every meal. It was really great to be around all of the young elders and sisters that are getting ready to go.
The Mission President, Mike Stewart who I went through Jr high and High School with, wanted us to move down town Salt Lake. The first thing we did was to go apartment hunting. It was really hard to find a furnished apartment. We did not want to buy furniture and try to move it. we were very lucky to find some people who owned a Condo in the Zions Summit Apartment who wanted a set of adult missionaries to take care of it until they could move back to Utah. The apartment is fully furnished. We only just had to load our Clothes and some food into the car and move in. They are paying the Utilities and Condo fees. Plus it is only a block and and 1/2 from Temple Square. The Swimming Pool is great. The leather furniture and the large screen Plasma TV is wonder full. It has an Large bath tub that we have been using for a hot tub. Marlene used one Bathroom and I use the other.

The View from our Balcony is just unbelievable. We are overlooking the Conference Center and Mon was somewhat worried because Angel Moroni is looking through our window.

We will be in charge of one of the Sites on the Square each day and are to make sure that the Sister Missionaries are Safe.

Our Sundays start with Sacrament Meeting at 7:30 am with all of the mission 180 Sisters and 30 old folks. Then we go to Music and The Spoken Word. Today it was very special as they did a special program for the celebration of our country as the July Fourth is coming. They sang the Battle Hymn of the Republic. Then Priesthood and Relief Society and on to our assignments on the Square.

We are having a very special spiritual time and love every minute of it.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Mission Call

We got our Mission Call Wednesday the 4th of June. It was a little bit different than what we were inspecting.

We got a call from the MTC in the morning wanting to set up our housing for our time there. Mom told them that we had not got our Call yet. They said that they would call back in the afternoon after our call arrived. We both thought that there was something strange about this.

The call came in the afternoon and we got all the family together for the opening.

Dad opened the Letter. We were all excited Ben said "This is just like Christmas"

Mom read the Call. She said that she did not under stand where we were going.

Dad read it. We are to go to the Salt Lake City Temple Visitors Center Mission. What!!

Ben said "Christmas when you get clothes" We are to enter the MTC on this coming Monday.

We did not know what to think. Mom tried to put her best face on it.

We called the Mission President to find up what will be expected to do. We are to get an apartment in down town Salt lake Close to the temple. We will be working 6 hours per day. Our "P" day will be Saturday. We can travel up to 100 Miles from Salt Lake City. It is OK to attend Family events as long as they do not interfere with our Mission Service. We will be working at 7 different locations. Temple Square, The Conference Center, The Tabernacle, The Humanitarian Center, The Joseph Smith Memorial Building, Temple Square Visitor Centers and a Special Family History Center in Park City. Their are 180 Sister Missionaries from all over the world who are serving in the Mission. and about 30 Couples.

We are getting more excited to go. The pluses are that we can serve a Mission and still spend time with our family. We will be working with lots of people who are interested about the Church. We do not have to tract. We can learn a lot about down town Salt lake city.
We do not have to sell our car, or travel a long distance from home. We can keep an active look at how Bruce and Tera are taking care of our house. We do not have to worry about keeping our Drivers Licence current or the regrestration on the car. We are planing on dropping by the house to pick up our mail once a week so we do not have to worry about a change of address. We can take a lot more stuff from Home to our Mission.

We also found out that there are two other couples going out with us at the same time, one of the three is the Plamers from Washington State. Yup they are some of or friends that served with us in the Nauvoo Temple Mission. What a small world this is.

We are packing now to enter the MTC this coming Monday. We spent most of the day yesterday buying new stuff that We are going to need on our mission. Mom and Terra had a great time.

P. S. Sunday afternoon is Calab's Birthday Party. Todd is bringing his new "Girl Friend" for all to meet. She is a 33 year old returned missionary who has never been married. She is a Dental Assistant, Just got her degree. Todd is asking all kinds of Questions, like "Do I get to take Her though the Vail. " He said that he asked Her what was her goal in life. She said "To get Married." More to come!!