Friday, October 14, 2011

Temple Cleaning

We had the assignment of cleaning the Tempe Wednesday Night, starting at 9:45 PM and finishing at 11:45 PM. I was vacuuming the dressing rooms for the Officiators. Marlene was dusting the Celestial and other Ordnance rooms. It was really nice to be in the Temple late at night doing service.

I learned several interesting things about the St George Temple. I was working on the fourth floor where the Sealers change their clothes when the lady who supervised Me took some time to show me a few of the unusual things there. I was able to look in the attic, the heavy beams look just like the ones that were used in the Tabernacle in Salt Lake City, large wooden trusses. The red sand stone that the Temple is constructed of is also visible. Several small rooms are on the west side of the fourth floor that are no longer in use. They were used in early Pioneer times as places to stay for the couples who made the long journey to St George to be Married in the Temple. There is what is called the Honeymoon trail from the east side of the State of Utah where people travelled in their wagons to be married here. The old pine slab flooring is still in place up there and is worn and warped after many years of use. The Sister Ordnance Workers dressing room is in the basement next to the Baptistery. The oxen by the font are white. We love the Baptistery as we assisted there in the Nauvoo Temple.

Friday Night we went to the High School game in St George for the Region Championship between Hurricane and Desert Hills High Schools. Hurricane is ranked as number one and Desert Hills as number three in the state. It was really fun to be there watching all the kids having a great time at this important event for them. Hurricane won by a large margin. There are four High Schools in St George, Pine View, Dixie, Desert Hills and Snow Canyon with Hurricane not too far away. The folks here are really involved with their teams, as there was not any place to park our car except for an empty field, all of the parking spots on the school grounds and the Street were taken and the stands were full of fans.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Stuart at the Draper Temple

It was a cool and wet day Saturday afternoon when We went to the Draper Temple to be with our eldest Grandson, Stuart, but it was warm and wonderful inside. He is going to be on a Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints for two years. Clay and Allison, Bruce and Tara, and Marlene and I were there to share that special time with Melody, Marty and Stuart.

Stuart is the eldest of our thirteen grandchildren and is much loved by us. We remember that family New Years family game time where He announced his attention to enter this world, being there in the hospital while he entered this world, the times we shared as his family lived just down the street, sitting on the front row of church and loving and being loved by him. I am sure that He will be a great ambassador for the Church. It will be hard because We won't see Him for two years.

It was snowing all the way from Cedar City to Sandy as we made our way there on Thursday and was wet and cold all the time we were there. The roof on our home there is looking quite bad so we had several contractors come by the house go give us some bids to re shingle it. The interesting thing is the variation in the bid prices. There is eight hundred dollars difference between the high and low bid. I have found that it is very important to have several different contractors give bids and to let each know that they are competing for the work.

It was so good to get home, but we always seem to leave a little part of us wherever We go. Marlene left her cell phone this time. We love these trips but we are all worn out when we get back home. It is so nice to sleep in our own bed again.