Friday, February 5, 2010

all is well

Matthew, our new grandson, is home from the hospital. It would seem that his breathing problems were related to the urine infection that they found and treated. The doctors ran all kinds of tests on him and found that all is well. Tara's Mon is staying with them until they get acclimated to the new member of the family. Bruce has done well in keeping up with his classes and work. It feel that he will be a great dad. It has always amazed me how having your first child changes your life for the better, suddenly you are the position of having the responsibility of caring and teaching your own child.

We are going to take a short vacation next week to Mesquite, Nevada. They have a new program called "Branson fest". There are three nights, each with a different show that is normally preformed in Branson, Missouri. We will be there for three nights enjoying the entertainment and warm weather.