Monday, February 23, 2009


We did a fireside about Nauvoo for the mission Sunday night, a really lot of work went into it.  I did the part about the story of Nauvoo including excerpts from Clark Family histories.  We invited Todd and Clay to come and sing the song  "A poor wayfaring man of grief" using the original tune the John Taylor sang. Clay also was a life saver in that he came and took care of the Projector for the Power Point presentation.  Mom then took over and talked about the things that you would see and experience if you would go there today.  Mom did a really great job.  

The weather is getting to be spring like now.  There are some flowering trees just outside of the Beehive House.  I really enjoyed the sight of the red buds that are starting to form.  Their are new Plants in all of the Visitors Centers. It is joy to be around all of the wonderful plants and flowers that are on Temple Square.  Spring is such a special time of year here. 

Mom is quite frightened because she has been selected to teach the Sisters Relief Society lesson one Sunday next month.  Sister Holms, the mission presidents wife, and her are going to teach it together.  I know that she will do a great job, but teaching 160 bright and eager Sister Missionaries would scare anyone.  

We are enjoying the experience of meeting so many people from all over the world and sharing the things of the Restoration.  Mission life is so wonderful.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Draper Temple

We, Melody, Marty, Bruce, Tara, Shelly, and our friend Damian went to the Draper Temple open house Wednesday.  The Temple is just breath taking.  The walls in the Ordnance Rooms are unbelievable, the Celestial Room in in the center of the Temple the celing goes all the way to just under the Angel Moroni, the Christal chandelier is huge and dominates the Room.  

Our assignments for the new transfuse are very special. We are in charge of the tours at the Humintarian Center,  We work in the Call Center where we call people who have received free gifts from ads to see if they are interested in more information on the Church.  We still work at Legacy theater, the Beehive House and the South Visitors Center.  The week starting on the eighth of March we will spend at the Family Tree Center at Park City.  The Church has a apartment at Park City where we will stay during our assignment there.   

We were talking to Sister Tofinga from Micronesia last week.  She as a smallish girlish Missionary.  She told us that she loves sports.  She played basket ball for her National Team and has competed in Karate in meets.  She has competed in the Asia Games.  She said that She cried all night when she received Her mission call because she was afraid of being around all the Sisters on the Square.  She loves her Mission.  

She had a great story about keeping the Sabbath Day.  Her friends on the Team wanted to have a party on Sunday.  She didn't know if She should go so she asked her Mother.  Her Mom told her that she should do what she felt like she should do.  She was going to go when her Dad told her No, you should not go. She was home when She got a phone call from her best friends Mother that there had been an accident and her friend was dead.  Her friends had been drinking at the Party and had driven off the road on the way home, one death and several of her friends where in the Hospital in critial condition.   If She had not stayed home that Sunday she may have been dead.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Pleasant Surprise

We were cleaning the bedroom last week when I found a control under the bed that we did not notice before.  I found then that there was also one on the other side of the bed also, which was kind of weird.  When I turned them on I found a "pleasant surprise", the foot of the bed and the head of the bed could be moved up or down and the bed could be made to vibrate "yo ho !!". '  
Mom loves it;  She can now sit up in bed and be vibrated while she reads or watches T. V.  and there is a separate control for my half of the bed so if I want to sleep I don't have to be sitting up and be vibrated.

Sister Cainina from Russia is new to the Mission last transfer.  She has so much to learn, all of the scripts and procedures.  We were in the Tabernacle several weeks ago when She did the pin drop for the first time, really nervous. She was so worried about how to do it that She missed one minor thing, She did it in Russian, ouch!  She was feeling really feeling bad when a woman came up to her and said to her in Russian that is was good to have some one speak her language.  Sister Cainina is now teaching the woman getting her ready for baptism and several of her friends who wanted to learn about the gospel but didn't know that there was some here who could teach them in there native language.  So there are surprises that the Lord has in store for us all of the time.  If our Sister Missionary had of done the Pin drop correctly some of our friends from Russia would not have an opportunity to be taught the Gospel.
We had been married for long enough to have three small children, when one day I came home to find the home in a real mess. The kids were running around screaming, toys were every where, the smell of dirty diapers was in the air.   I was feeling really bad for my self, wondering what I had got my self into, some what angry because the home was not up to my standards

I had a dream that night that Marlene had gone some where. I dreamed that she was not there when I got up the next morning.  I had to feed the kids, change their dirty diapers, keep them entertained and some how get to work.  The worst feeling was that I was alone.  When I was feeling the worst about being a single parent. I woke up and Marlene was sleeping next to me.  

I think the Lord was teaching me an important lesson, that the family is more important than a spotless house.  I learned that some times cleanness is not to Godliness.  That Love is more important than a spotless house.  Read the story about Mary and Martha when Christ came to visit them.