Sunday, October 31, 2010

October trip to Sandy

We drove to Sandy for several events last week. Our Mission President, Mike Stewart died from a sudden heart attack and his funeral was Friday. He attended Jr. High School together and he was the Student Body of South High School while I was there. We were the same age. It was a very sad event. Many of the Sister Missionaries attended and they sang the Mission Song as the family left for the Cemetery.

We had every one over to the house for out Big Birthday for October and November. It was very loud but great to see our family. There was a Ward Party, a progressive dinner on Saturday so we were able to see many of our old friends from Sandy.

Tuesday We went for a consultation with the
Neurologist about the tumor on Marlene's spine. They have discovered that is not a problem.
The recommendation is to leave it as it is and take a MIR every six months to see if there is any change.

We bought a electric fire place for our home in Saint George. It looks like the real thing but you just turn it off and on with a switch. It was at our home ready to be assembled when we got home. It was a test of my Engineering knowledge to find our where "peg A" was and how to put screw "Z" in to hole 6.
It was finally done and it looks great.

Monday, October 4, 2010

October Confrence

October Conference was a busy time for the Old Glads. Clay and Allison came to St George to to see Cody in a track meet in Cedar City and then spend Conference time with us in St George.

It was a fun time We watched all of the Sessions in our home then the Men went to the Priesthood Session The Priesthood session is always the best. I liked the talk about wearing flip flops in in the desert best.

The girls and kids went to the park by old Tabernacle to enjoy the water features. St George City has made a really nice water park with intermittent fountains and wading streams and ect.

Mom is not feeling real good about having her 70th Birthday next month and I have not? been teasing her about it.

I am planing on going to Las Vegas to see the Lion King to cheer her up. We are hoping that all of the Family will come to St George for our 50th Wedding Anversity in November