Saturday, January 26, 2008

finally getting back to normal

on New Years Eve, dad got sick as did I. We thought he had the flu, but it turned out to pneumonia. It took two Drs. visits to get him the right help. He had no appetite, fever, and such weakness! after missing church two weeks, He is showing signs of being stronger. I was proud of him for going to the temple even though he was sick. He only missed one week. I think he was blessed for going when he was so weak! He loves the service and is now a session starter on Thursdays. His Wednesday night is not quite as fulfilling.! I think he started to improve so fast a couple of days after his antibiatics. (spell?) Also the night he started his antibiotics, he was so affected, I called Marty at his request. and the Bishop came and gave him a blessing! Wednesday, I went to temple alone and Thursday.! I appreciate it more when he drives.

I had a neat experience doing iniatory as a patron Thursday. Usually it is not a thing I am able to do. The 5 names I was given, were from Somoa. I have NEVER seen names from there in all my time. It was an over whelming feeling I had in the participation that morning.! It is hard to explain My mothers father was one of the first missionaries to Soamoa and it all touched me so.!

THe last two weeks have been kind of hard and blurred into each other. I remember having a family party on the 5th Dad was not too well then. I am grateful he did not end up in the hospital or get worse. Lynn is in the hospital again from the nursing home. We have not seen her since Dec 23.

I just got a visit from the Bishopric, THey want to have me released from Primary as the organist. Primary Pres hinted that there might be a change so I could attend Relief Society. There are some sisters in our ward that play well and I think they need to change. I will always have a tender spot for the music in Primary. I learned so much from Emilina when she was the chorister.

It snowed17 inches last Saturday.! Melody and Ben came and shoveled the driveway.! Melody was still sick. Then I saw across the street, I saw Ben refuse money for helping a neighbor. Kudos Ben. Marty and kids have been cleaning our drive way many times this snowy winter.!

I went with Dad to Britons and to buy a camera for his Birthday , late but he felt strong enough to go see Todd and get advice, then laugh and go but another camera. We found a camera out of the box for a really good deal. He is having fun with it.

It is beautiful but cold outside. Mel and Marty dropped over last night as we were watching a Jazz game. That was a fun surprise. The Jazz have won the last 8 games. Go Jazz.

Angel has announced her 4th pregnancy. We wish her luck. I am sure it was double hard for her to come to our state for Christmas. We are excited for number 12. We put her in our prayers as we do all our children.

Lord bless you.

Marlene G

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Yucky January

Well here it is the 22nd of January, and I, Dwayne Glad, am strong enough write on my blog.
The winter sickness and snow has just about dun me in, to quote from Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady.

We, Marlene and I, got sick the week between Christmas and New Year. We spent New Years Eve in bed. Marlene got better but I just could not shake the Ills. I had no appetite, Fevers, Chills ect. I went to the Doctor and he said he thought I was anemic, took blood tests and said see ya. Another week went by with the same problem. This time he took an X-ray and found out that I had Pnuemonia

So all in all I have been sick for a month. I have lost about 2o-25 pounds, all in all a bad experience.

Monday the 21st of January was my Birthday, 69 years and holding. I was feeling some what better. We invited all the family to come to our house to celebrate Stuart,16, Ben, 14. and My Birthdays. Everything was well until Monday morning when we woke up to a major Snow Storm. There was sixteen inches of new stuff over about twelve inches of older snow with more to come. The Neat thing was that even with the really bad weather every one made it to our house. Then best of all Angel called to give me the best gift of all, she is going to have another child.

So there is light at the end of the tunnel. Life is good even in January. Spring is coming and soon I will be able to Plant my tomatoes for 2008. Oh I forgot that this morning the stock market went to the bottom. So am I sad, No. I converted all of my assets in to cash a couple of weeks ago. So the snow is melting. I look better being at my High School weight and we are soon going to have an even dozen Grand kids. Yea, Yea

Friday, January 4, 2008

survived the Holidays!?

We started out the Holidays great. My son and his newly married wife came Friday before Christmas. We had a good time at the Special Christmas Program Sunday. We had all the family but Angels family from California here to do the traditional things.( Shylynn was in the hospital)

We went Caroling at about 4 pm. It was nice weather at about 3 then it got terrible and started to snow and was quite cold. Braving the cold and wet went to about 9 houses to carol. The younger kids liked to get in the snow and as a result were getting pretty cold. Marty went and got his car for the coldest ones. We went to Sister Eunice Hansen and Cheryl Lintons daughter had her family there, the famous Hughes Brothers and their kids. We went to Sherrie Thomas. Her husband had broken his ankle. Krystal Booyack , other neighbors.ect.

We then came home and had soup and Dads famous spiced fruit drink. ,We then put the kids in costume and acted out the Nativity. Bruce and Tara were Mary and Joseph. The grandkids dressed as wisemen, shepherds , and a sheep. A fake baby dressed in swaddling clothes. It went quite well while Grandpa read. Melody still loves to be the angel as she does a good job at it.

Then we opened the family gifts. What a riot. We started so early, we were ready to go to bed by 8:30. Santa had the presents in the stockings early, thanks to a wonderful Daughter in law.

We were woke up by Tara and Bruce jumping on our bed at It was so neat to have someone here for Christmas morning.! We later went to see the damage at Melodys and Martys. Wei took control of most things in their house. We then went to dinner at Melodys and Martys at 4. They had a delicious meal. Then we came home and watched tv and went to bed.

Wednesday we reported to the temple, that was sparsely attended. We had a nice time serving,

Bruce and Tara took Tayler and his girlfriend to dinner. that night. At about 3 in the morning Tara came and told us that Bruce was very sick, could we give him a blessing. This was of great concern as Angel and her family were coming Thursday. Bruce got somewhat better, but Angel decided that they better not stay in the same bed. So they stayed at Melodys among Christmas choas. I called some people in our Ward and borrowed two twin mattresses. It worked quite well and they visited us to eat lunch and such. They went with us to Thanksgiving point. Bruce and Tara were feeling somewhat better. We went To Cabellas and ended up eating at Spagetti Mamas. It was cold and I was hungry. We did like the exhibit we saw.and the kids liked the shooting gallery.