Saturday, October 31, 2009

last of october

Today is Halloween. The Mission had a service project at the "This is the Place Heritage Park" for Zone Conference. We worked on building a path with stones from the quarry at Little Cottonwood Canyon, a lot of hard work. We will be passing out candy bars for the trick and treaters that come to our house and watching the U of U football game.

We are having a big Birthday Party on Monday for all of the family that has birthdays at this time of year. Mom has also decided to have a Halloween theme, all of the Kids may be wearing costumes. We will be having pizza and salad.

We had our first snow Tuesday and it has cooled down. Luckily We are serving in side for all of our assignments this transfer.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mom's new car

We bought a new car, a 2010 Toyota Pries, a real cool car. The 2010 is a major step up from the older models. It is larger, has more horse power, and gets better gas mileage. We have been driving it back and forth to Temple Square this week and have been getting 50+ miles to the gallon of gas. The Car has many bells and whistles that we are not use to: Key less entry and start, Blue Tooth connector for the cell phone, automatic climate control system, the radio and climate control systems controlled from the steering column. and a high teck heads up display. The display can display the average mpg for a trip, how the hybrid system is functioning, the amount of fuel in the tank and how many miles can be traveled before that fuel is all used and much more. The car has a function that will allow driving only on the electric motor if needed for up to 12 miles. We are excited to drive it to California this January to how it preforms on a longer drive.

We had our first real snow yesterday it was real neat to see how many of the Sister Missionaries from tropical locations reacted to their first snow. We will be going to Park City for the week of November the eighth. We hope that there will not be a lot of snow.

Life is good but our time is running our for our mission.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

big changes on Temple Squar

Tuesday, the Missionary Department had a meeting with all of the senior missionaries. They are going to reduce the number of the seniors from thirty four to fourteen including the Mission Presidency. We now have only four to five couples that will working on each shift, and we have to cover the West Gate, Tabernacle, North and South Visitor Centers, Beehive House, Assembly Hall, Legacy Theater, Welfare Square, Humanitarian Center and Park City. Yesterday was the worst example, there are twenty four new Sisters that arrived Wednesday so they were in a training session with their companions, very little or no sisters on the square. Elder and Sister Palmer did not come so we had only three couples to cover all of the locations, as a result most of the sites were empty?!!. The guests were wandering around entering the buildings with no one there. It was a real mess. This is the Lord's work and somehow it will will work out.

We are going to give our farewell address Sunday and will be going home on the twenty fifth of November. It is a very emotional time for us but we have not have much time to brood over it with all that now needs to be done. Sister Glad has a great reputation with all of the Missionaries for her ability to get people to refer. She has been one of the most successful missionaries here. She has not a great knowledge of the Scripture or a wonderful speaker but She is humble and has the lords spirit with her. She is not afraid of asking guests if they want to learn more about the Gospel. We are preparing our talks but it is impossible to say all that we feel about the last many months in the six minutes we have to talk.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

last days

Our last Transfer starts Wednesday. We have been asked to speak in the mission Sacrament Meeting this Sunday. The speakers are always departing missionaries so it is like our farewell talks. We will also be teaching the Relief Society and Priesthood meetings Sunday also a once a time event. We are doing our best to keep our mission foremost in our mind and are really sad to see it coming to a close in six weeks.

Cody ran in the region cross country meet Monday. We were able to go the meet. He won the event by blowing out the closest completer. He was fifteen seconds faster than second place, a lead of more than one hundred yards. Clay over hear the coach of Brighton telling his team that they could beat that kid from Kearns that he was only a junior and it could be done if they only tried hard enough. So it is on to State for Cody. He is really dedicated and gets up every morning at 4:30 to run 5-6 miles.

Tara is looking really pregnant and doing good. She is over the nausea and is eating good. Bruce is doing good in School. He had almost a 4.o GPA last Semester got a, A- in one class. He will be done this summer.

The weather is cold but our spirits are high. Life is good for our old folks.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Conference Week End

Busy, busy, busy it must be General Conference week end. The anti Mormons were out in force. They had made camp across the street from the Conference Center. It was rainy and cold so they looked like wet kittens. A large group of young people were standing next to them singing Hymns drowning them out, neat.

The Mission was very busy getting potentials from members, (identify family or friends who can receive the missionary lessons) . The Sisters got more than 2,400 names for missionaries to visit. They were on the Square from 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM. The Mission had a special meeting Sunday evening in the Tabernacle to wrap up the efforts that were made for conference. The Sisters were allowed to sleep until 9:00 AM on Monday morning and had a special pizza dinner Monday evening.
Saturday was our "P' day so we were able to stay home and watch the conference with our family. The Men then went to Priesthood, Todd, Bruce, Ben, and Stuart. Clay and family was out of town for a short vacation at Zion Park. Marty and Andy went downtown to see the meeting there. Then Ice cream

Great weekend