Sunday, October 26, 2008

temple square pictures

The "Clay Glad" Gang

                                                             Temple Inscription
                                                                    Fall Flowers

                                                            Mums by Joseph Smith Building

                                      Rose in the Garden south of the Relief Society building

                                              Center pipes in the Tabernacle Organ

                                 New Pansy just planted last week as part of the fall flowers

                                             Fountain just East of the Reflecting Pond

                                               The Cristus in the North Visiter Center

                                             The Three Witnesses, South of the Temple

                                        Lion Head at the base or the Joseph Smith Building

                                          Demolation of the "ZCMI  Food Court"

These are some of the sights that we see every day on Temple Square.
                                              What a Great Life !!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Beehive House

We have been working in the Beehive House on Sundays from 5:oo pm to 9:00 pm.  It has been slow the last few weeks now that the tourist season is over.  The picture above is from Brigham Young's Bedroom with his hat and cane on the bed.  His Daughter Chrissa Young Spencer wrote a book about life in the Beehive house.  She was to inherit the house and live most of her life there.  She tells about going to fathers room to have breakfast with him.  How that He had a bell that he rang for all the family to come to Prayers.  Meals were prepared and eaten in the Lion House next door.  The Beehive House and the Lion House were attached to each other by an area that served as the office for his clerks.  Brigham Young was the Prophet, Governor and Director of the Bureau of Indian Affairs  so it was a very busy office.
                                     Brigham Young's Bedroom with his scriptures 

Brigham young had three homes in the area of the Beehive house.  The White House which was East of the Lion house and was the home of his first wife.  The Beehive house which served as his office and reception area, where all of the official business was conducted.  There was one wife living there.  The Lion House west of the Beehive House.  There were twelve wives and their families living there.  It was all of very loving and supportive group of people.  

Brigham Young did not make much of his Birthdays.  The Family wanted to give him a gift for one of his Birthdays that would show the love and respect they all felt for him.  It was a popular fad at that time to have "Hair Sculptures" made.  They wanted to give him a gift that would be part of all of them.  They had all of the family give some hair  and had the the bouquet of flowers made for him from some hair from each of them.

The Beehive House served as the office of the President of the Church for many years after the death of Brigham Young until the church administration offices were constructed just to the west of the complex.  

It is really fun to work on the Beehive House and to tell the stories of this great Prophet and Father. 

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Snow, Snow, and Singing

The first snow storm of the year came Sunday, all of the Sisters were out in their winter coats scarves and hats. We were at the South Gate on Friday night, because of construction around the Seagull Monument, the heated booths were shut down. We stood in the cold and yucky weather and visited with the folks as they came in the gate. It got really cold so we went in to the Visitors Center or stood next to the Building.

We went to Park City on Tuesday to work in the Family Tree Center, where people can come to access the genealogy programs of the Church. We will be there every Tuesday for the next two weeks.

We were at the West Gate on Saturday, when we were overwhelmed with High School kids. We found out from the schedule for the day that the Tabernacle was to have Allstate Choir Festival. Brian Bentley walked by. He is still at Hillcrest High School. He wanted to know how Angel was doing. We told him that She was doing a Musical in her stake. Mom had to go and listen to the practice.

Sunday was a very busy day. We went to our regular meetings, Sacrament, "Music and the Spoken Word" and Couples Meeting. We drove two Spanish speaking Sister Missionaries to a Spanish Branch. It was the same spirit and feeling even though we could not understand what was being said. Mom was very good in singing the hymns in Spanish with out understanding what she was singing.

We got home just in time to grab a quick snack before we went to our normal assignment , 5 to 9 , at the Beehive House. It was pretty slow so we had a great time visiting with all of the Sisters. The old style hot water radiators started to bang. We had to assure the Sisters that the noise was not from the Ghosts of the Beehive House. Halloween is just around the corner. It was a "Great Week on the Square".

Monday, October 6, 2008

Conference and Rain

Conference weekend was busy and great.  We worked extra long to help all who came have an opportunity to visit the Square.  The Sister Missionaries started one hour early and took only 15 minutes to eat lunch.  We all had a special meeting Sunday after the square was closed.  We were then able to share any special spiritual experiences.  We had a Sister from Tonga who told about a special girl.   The girl was from out of town.  She said that She was looking for our Sister from Tonga to tell her that She took a Tour with her six months ago.  She has joined the Church and had brought some friends with her to Salt Lake who are scheduled to be baptized soon.
We were able to go to the Sunday afternoon Session of Conference.  We had a pretty good seat if you want to see the sides of all the speakers.  Mom was trying to keep notes but was falling asleep all of the time.  We got to see most of the sessions.  They set up the computer at West Gate so we could watch on streaming video.  While we greeted guests.  I was standing in the rain most of the time.  
Sunday Evening from 5 pm to 9 pm we were taking care of the Beehive House. There was a lot of people coming to learn about Brigham Young.  The tours the Sisters take need to be spaced ten minutes apart.  My job is to tell about Brigham to keep the peoples interest while they are waiting for the tours.  So I was talking non stop for four hours.  My voice was just about given out.   Elder Holland told a story about Blyn Barrus who in Moms second cousin.  

It rained and rained and was very cold.  The Sister Missionaries all have matching umbrellas to use as they stand in the Rain.  We have several who are from Tropical Countries and this was their first time in the cold rain.  President Hinkley told the Mission that the Church doesn't want them to look like Nuns.  They are to wear as bright of colors as they have.  They look very good in their matching umbrellas and bright colors.
People who came were not prepared for the cold and rain.  We had a lot who were in white short sleeved shirts or summer dresses.  We have a overhead heater by the gate where people can get out of the rain and get warm.  We had a lot of people who needed to take advantage of our location.  
I went to the Priesthood session. It was so neat so be surrounded by priesthood holders from all over the world.  Ever third man had a translator head set on. 
It was great to be involved in helping many people from all over the world become  acquainted with Temple Square.