Monday, February 27, 2012

our picks


Mom and I have started a new hobby inspired by the Program on the History Channel. We go out to Garage Sales ect. and try to find some thing old that may be of value. We have done pretty good

We found this Water Color Painting it was really pretty. We found that it was painted by a artist that lived in Panama and made prints of his paintings for sale. The one we have that is signed sells for about $ 75.00 not two bad as I bought is for & 2.50.

We found a matching set of five Soup Cups, very large cups designed to be used as bowls. They were priced at $ 1.00 each . We need some more bowls, so we thought that that was not too bad, so we bought them. When we got home I noticed that they has a hallmark on the side of them and they looked like they were hand painted. I looked on the bottom of the cups and found the brand "Enecso Country Living Dry Goods" I looked the brand on the Internet and found that this is the same company that makes the "Precious Moments" figurines. Upon looking further I found a very small pitcher and cup with the same pattern as on the soup cups we bought. It was selling for $ 30.00. I guess we will not be using them for eating!!!.

We found a brass or bronze Candelabra, two feet tall, to hold four candles. It is very old and casting is super intricate. I bought is as a joke to put on Moms Piano so she could pretend to be like "Liberace". The guy that had a TV program in the sixties playing the piano. It was real heavy and I thought it was real cool. I paid $ 35.00 for it a lot of money for something from a junk store. I got home and looked for some thing like it on the Internet and found that any thing like this was selling any where from $1,500 to $ 4,000, all in all not a bad day picking.